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Sunday's Air

Donna G

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I got here before all of you! Amazing!

It was 30 degrees here in Minnesota when I got up this am. High expected to be nice----58 degrees and sunny.

Sunrise at 7:44, sunset 6:09, that will change soon when we go back to standard central time.

Hope all have a wonderful Sunday.

Donna G

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Good Evening Everyone,

Good on you Donna opening the Air.Bruce,our clocks went back one hour this morning at 2am,it was dark here just after 5pm,my brain cannot figure out what time is sunup will be tomorrow,think it will be lighter than Saturday,possibly 7am?.I will keep you posted.Temps here still unusually mild ,ave 16C,still frost free mornings,it cannot last.

Sally was due to move to her new home yesterday,I had signed up to steward the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Spooky Welly Walk,I had guessed it starting about 10am,2 mile walk around Glasgow green with children and parents,done and dusted by 11am.Jennifer and Chris would take Sally to the supermarket to stock up with groceries,then we would all meet up to move Sally's personal belongings into her new home.As Robert Burns said "The best laid plans O' mice and men".When I arrived at the Winter gardens in Glasgow Green,I discovered the Stewards were not going to escort everyone around the Green but we would be given a station to stand at and give route directions to everyone participating,further there was no starting time,it was a drop in walk,destined to finish by 4pm,so it was anticipated there would be approx 3000 walkers appearing between 11am to 4pm,further,only 11 Stewards turned up out of 30 who signed up,so there would be no relief,we were all expected to stand at our stations throughout.I phoned Jennifer to cancel Sally's move,she was really angry about the arrangements and urged me arrange decent break times,or decline to participate.Well after standing at my stations from 10am until just after 1pm,I was feeling tired standing so long,feeling cold and hungry,I just phoned the co-ordinator to tell her I had had enough,I was going home.She was very understanding and thanked me for my support.I did at least get some great pics of the walkers in their costumes,the kids were wonderful,they were all only to pleased to pose for me,usually in their most scary pose,I downloaded them into facebook,think I may post them in here too?.Many of the parents wanted to buy the pics I took,I could only offer them the possibility that the Roy Castle org may use them and post them into their website?.

Sunday morning,the move,Sally high as a kite with anxiety,sober,but pleading with me to let her have some alcohol,even just one glass of wine,it was hard resisting her,but Jennifer was due to arrive with Chris at 10am,I just could'nt oblige Sally as Jennifer would explode at my weakness,luckily Jennifer was prompt and Sally realised there was no way she would get her glass of wine.The move in went so well,really it was just Sally's wardrobe to move.Sally was'nt up to shopping so Jennifer and Chris set off to the supermarket for her,in their absence it was back to Sally pleading for a drink again,just one, etc,etc,I did'nt give in.We spent a pleasent enough afternoon together all four of use,Jennifer and Chris,spending most of the time reassuring Sally she will be OK,recognising her anxieties as only being natural that she would soon readjust.I will visit her daily in supporting her,running her here and there, shopping ,whatever.

So here I am up in my study online,posting in,never been alone before,so I will no doubt find it strange and uncomfortable for a while,what was that noise I just heard from downstairs? woooo.

I have been to the supermarket myself,buying only what I like LOL,just put a washing on, hope I have put in the right ammount of soap capsules in and fab cond,I have still another load to do to follow.Cooking really is going to be a big challenge for me,going to focus on healthy eating and losing some weight.

Think I will stop now,got to realise your patience is finite and I am not writing a novel.Here with all the free time I have maybe I should LOL,goodnight everyone,Woooo.

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Well the weathermen sometimes get it wrong . . . cold today, cloudy and a little rain. We were due. Instead of yard work moved into the den to work on that. It has become basically a storage room and desperately needs cleaning out. I just closed the door on it months ago and now there must be an inch of dust - so unfortunately I will be sneezing and wheezing all through church. I'm not sure when our time changes and I really do need to make a point of finding out before it takes me by surprise :)

Donna, so nice to see you open the air. Eric, I am glad that Sally's move went so well and that it is finally done. Must be a bit of a relief. Loved the pictures of the kids.

Off to church.

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