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This morning’s paper announced that yesterday was the “beginning of the end” of this glorious weather we’ve been enjoying. Can’t really complain – it’s been soooo nice, especially after half the summer under the cloud of smoke from the fires. I guess if we didn’t have some rain, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the sun nearly as much.

Since everyone else seems to be on top of this stuff, I did check it out and was surprised to find out our sunrise is 7:42 and sunset at 6:16 – time changes Nov. 3.

I have to work for a few hours today, but otherwise I will be finally putting away all my lightweight clothes and getting out all the sweaters and coats.

Stop in and say hi if you have time. I hope Monday is a good day for everyone.

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It's been very cold here the past two weeks and now it looks like we might have a couple days of 60's temp which is certainly welcome. I've heard that they expect this winter snow to be worse than in many years past. Coming here from Calif what we had last year was pure torture. I plan to fully stock up on food then because I'm scared out of my mind to drive in snow or ice.

Russ started a part time job a few weeks ago which seems to have turned into full time plus :( But, I have lot's of time to clean and re-arrange the house now I guess. I just feel like I need to have some fun....this ex-city girl gets bored out of her mind living in a tiny country town.

Sampson has been acting up since Russ went back to work. He's getting into the garbage cans and just generally being a very bad dog! Hopefully he'll adjust soon huh? Either that....or into the cage again!

Happy Monday everyone!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Just for the record Bruce,I was awake early this morning,first signs of dawn 6.30am by 7.00am fully daylight (dark by 5.00pm).

Spent my first night at home alone last night,It went OK,TV progs are good on Sundays,then online for a while,quiet read in bed before falling asleep.Phone rang about 7.00am,Sally desperate for me to visit and fix the TV,its not working,she sat all last night without it,did'nt want to bother me.She had somehow used the source bottom to move offline,fixed in 2mins,she did'nt know about the source button.I missed my gym in the morning,en route to it I just felt like giving it a miss so I returned home.Spent the morning instead changing all my bedding,what a wrassle trying to get the duvet into its fresh cover sheet,definately a two person job.Hoovered all the upstairs rooms (well Dysoned really,dos'nt sound right does it?).I also cleaned out my study,got rid of a lot of clutter,so its looking really tidy and smart.

Picked up Sally,we were going to-gether to claim our vouchers from Argos,Penny the manager nice as ever,said £150 worth of vouchers are being sent via the post to Sally's home,I did enquire how many weeks does she expect it to take until they arrive?.By the end of this week she replied,you have got to admire her confidence.Leaving Argos,I decided to treat Sally to a meal in Airdries best restaurant,Guidies,the food is just super,you must give it a visit,even on a Monday afternoon it was really busy,is nobody at work in Scotland?.I took Sally home and sat for a while,I know how anxious she is being left on her own,she suggested I just stayed for the evening,including overnight.I had to decline,we have got to adjust to living separate lives.I am trying to get the right balance with the time I spend in her company.Some friends said I should break all ties with her but I cannot do so,she is finding her situation so difficult to cope with.

Yoga to-morrow morning,Flu Jab at 1.30pm Ouch.I have been asked to work Thursday and Friday at Front of house,so I will miss my gym and Yoga class,also my lunches both days with my gym buddies,well I suppose my waistline will benefit.

Time to go,check out my facebook then bed.Goodnight everyone,bye.

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