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Wednesday's Air


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Hi all!

It's a dreary day in North Texas. we are supposed to have storms all day and we have been in the low-mid 70s so the humidity is high, making it's stuffy and just too warm for this time of year. We are a good 10 degrees higher than normal.

I'm ready to be done with my seasonal allergies!

Had some bad news. the lady from my in person support group, Robbie, had brain surgery two weeks ago to remove a brain metastasis. Well yesterday she was found unresponsive and rushed to hospital. It turns out there is ANOTHER tumor and she is having surgery again today. Please say a prayer for her.

While I'm glad she is getting the care she needs...I can't help but think HOW THE HECK did the surgery miss the 2nd tumor? Sigh... I just hate cancer.

Anyway, hope all of you have a great Wednesday. Check in when you can!


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Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about Robbie's second tumor and will be saying a prayer for her.

Our weather, which was in the 70s last week, is now in the 50s -- much too quick a change and it seems soooo cold. The weather is clear though, so the trick-or-treaters should have good weather and, as someone pointed out, will be in no danger of their chocolate melting!

Found out my Mom's best friend (who has been my unofficial adopted mother since my Mom died) is moving to Montana to be closer to her two children. She is 90 and needs to do this while she is still physically able to, but it is sad. I would miss her a lot anyway, but she is also the last of Mom's friends and so it is sort of like losing a little of Mom again.

Hope everyone is ready for tomorrow. Happy Halloween!!

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