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Detect Lung Cancer Early Campaign

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Hi Everyone,

Today I attended the launch of the Scottish Detect Lung Cancer Early Campaign in Edinburgh.The Scottish Minister for Health Alex Neil delivered an interesting and thought provoking speech on the Scottish Governments support for patients diagnosed with Cancer,particularly Lung Cancer.My story is being used in the campaign to urge people to get to their doctors timeously if they suspect theres something not quite right with their health.

I was also interviewed along with other lung cancer survivors present, about our respective lung cancer journeys.These interviews were also filmed.I was told that the link to these filmed interviews would be sent onto us later.

The above link is going to be aired on Scottish Television during commercial breaks,beginning to-night during Emmerdale Farm and Prime Suspect.

You can find the whole publicity campaign on the website getcheckedearly.org

I think Scotland has done November Lung Cancer Month proud.

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