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Wednesday's Air

Bruce u

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Wow this site has been quiet the last few days.

Missing Diane. Does anyone know if she was going to be gone for a few days ?

Well I think winter is beginning to set in here. Just a skim of snow on the weekend here but further south got it pretty good. Some places got over one foot. And of course the first snow fall of the year lots of accidents. People have such short term memories. They forget how they drove last winter !!

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Bruce - thanks for opening the air! You beat me by just a few minutes I think.

I am so glad today is Wednesday. I have been having a week! I’ve made so many mistakes this week that I’ve about decided I’m just totally incompetent and should be put out to pasture. I know people warned me about “chemo brain”, but no one said it was permanent . Even I can’t believe some of the dumb things I’ve done. My biggest fear lately is that I will be in a hurry to go somewhere, run out to the garage, jump in the car, put it in reverse and back out of the driveway – and then realize I forgot to open the garage door. If it sounds unlikely, trust me – it isn’t. It’s not a matter of “if”, just “when” – and no doubt some weekend afternoon when all the neighbors are out in their front yards watching!

Our nice weather is definitely gone. I'm still trying to get used to the time change and the chill. Am glad at least we are not dealing with snow - but the fogs been bad the last few mornings.

Now that Halloween is over, what is everyone doing for Thanksgiving. I think we are going to have two. Our oldest son has to be back at work on Friday morning, so he is coming down on the Monday before and we will have a nice dinner with him on Wednesday and they he’ll fly home on Thursday. As soon as we drop him at the airport we are planning to hit the freeway and drive south to our middle son’s home in California. I feel really guilty because we won’t be getting there until mid-afternoon and most of the work will be done. (That’s a lie. Truth is I always do all the work and am actually looking forward to having someone else do it for a change – but can’t say that to my son’s girlfriend of course).

Better get back to work – still have more mistakes to fix.

Happy hump day.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Thanks Bruce and Dianne for opening todays air.Yes our weather too has got a bit colder.Monday morning,beautiful sunny day,not a cloud in the sky,however,frosty,had to scrape the frost off my car,mind you, just the side windows,my car has heated front and back screens,love the front screen heater,its amazing its only recently that manufacturers here started to fit them at the front?and yet the rear screen has always been heated?.

Sorry I have been a bit remiss recently about posting,so busy,Sally moved into her new home a week last Sunday.Adjusting to her new situation is tough on her,I have however,been spending a lot of daytime with her,taking her shopping,also had a few restaurant meals to-gether.She wants me to stay in the evening to watch some TV to-gether,even suggesting I stay overnight,I have refused since I really want have some time on my own getting settled into a new way of living on my own.I still take Sally to church on Sunday mornings,then up to my sister Dots in the afternoon.She has been going to the local community centre on Tuesdays,Thursdays and Fridays at mid day,its mainly women who attend,they have a meal,followed by games of Bingo and a raffle.I did accompany Sally to the community centre last Thursday evening,they occassionally have prize Bingo on in the evenings,we played several games,I did'nt win one,in fact,when someone shouted "Game" on a card for a full house,I still had about twenty numbers still to go,which is I think remarkable since there are only 90 numbers in total.However I had bought 7 strips of raffle tickets,the first number called was on one of my strips,I was presented with a bottle of champagne,I promise you the next number called was also on a strip of mine,this time I was given a bottle of wine,two or three numbers later,I won another prize,a box of toiletries.I was getting a bit embarrassed at my luck,I was conscious at the looks I was getting from ladies,thinking,Eric dont dare win another prize,lest these ladies will all be handbagging me.Sally was interested in the bottles of course,wondering will I be taking them home?,I had a better idea,got to try and ingratiate myself with the ladies,I returned the two bottles to be re-entered into the raffle,saying that neither my wife or I drink alcohol,I was thanked and later in the evening presented with two boxes of sweets,(candies).Dont think Sally was best pleased LOL.

I was out on last Friday evening for a meal with my former teaching colleagues attending a "leaving do",over thirty years ago I had a student who was with me for the three years of his college course,he went onto further studies, later I got him started into teaching, initially part time then eventually full time.Stephen had decided to go on a sabbatical,he is a mountain climber,and is currently taking a course to become a professional teacher of mountain climbing.Stephen recalled an incident in my class all these years ago,when teachers were still using blackboards and chalk,yes I am that old,the students had taken my duster,and tapped chalk dust all over my desk chair,they waited apparently for quite some time as walked about the classroom floor,fully into my lesson eventually I finally went over and sat in my chair,oblivious to the chalk dust.I could'nt recall the incident,so I just had to ask Stephen what was my reaction,when I discovered my seat of my pants being covered with chalkdust.His reply,the students were really worried I would fly off the handle at them,he said I actually burst out laughing,complimenting them on the success of their prank.I was relieved to hear that,it must have been one of my good mood days.

Time to go,goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of "Hump Day" us retired folks dont really have hump days anymore?,mind you I still miss my college holidays.Bye.

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It sounds like you both have really chilly air. Here in Dallas we have had a cool front come in and it is chilly to us too. No snow, just 50's and some rain.

Diane it sounds like you will have a very busy November. At least you get to take a break from cooking this year. I had Thanksgiving at our house once, it was too far of a drive for my family so we just go to everyone else's house now. Both my Husband & I have divorced parents so we are lucky our parents still cook. :) This year we will have an early dinner with his Dad, one with my mom 4 days later and then another dinner with my Dad on Thanksgiving, & again on Friday because that's wen my sister will be able to join us. December I will be in a Zumba class trying to work off all this food!

Eric you had a great day of luck, that's awesome. Did you happen to play the lotto that night? I enjoyed reading your post, I found myself smiling the entire time!

I'm glad to see you all post yesterday. Why do you think the board gets quiet? Do you have any ideas how we can get things pumped in here? If I could play music in here I would. :) I look forward to your ideas.

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