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Eric – always such a pleasure to see your posts. Cindy is right, and you should have gotten yourself a lottery ticket! It sounds like the transition is going pretty well for just getting started.

Cindy, I wish I knew why things are so quiet. I think it’s quite a few things – the recent losses, as well as Facebook, and then I think it’s also a vicious circle – the less people post, the fewer people who post. There have been a few times when someone new posted, and only one or two people responded and it doesn’t seem like enough to keep them coming back. Facebook is fine for some things, but I don’t think it helps the people who are newly diagnosed and who need advice and just someplace to vent. I think it was Eric who mentioned how important this site was to him when he first came here, and I know how important it was to me – even though I was so sick during treatment I didn’t post myself – so although I miss some days here and there I figure I’ll just keep trying, along with everyone else who stops in, and hopefully things will pick up again.

Cindy, I think I counted 4 Thanksgiving dinners . . . but as long as you are just eating and not cooking :) . I love Zumba. I can’t do it of course with my breathing – I’d turn blue and collapse after 2 minutes – but my son’s girlfriend gives classes at the Y and she dragged me along to watch. I thought “how boring – watching people sweat for an hour!” . . . but it was fun. The music was so energetic, and the people seemed to be having such a good time – I think even I burned off 100 calories or so (I did tap my foot the whole time after all).

Weather could be worse – high mid 50s, cloudy and hopefully not too much rain. Supposed to be even colder tomorrow. Still better than the snow Bruce is probably getting.

Had my three youngest grandkids last night - the 2 and 3 year old boys NEVER stop, so I better get busy putting my house back together.

Have a great day wherever you are!

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