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FRIDAY air! What's that smell?


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I thought I'd start today's air post! I WILL be smelling the scent of cookies baking after I pick my kids up from school and an extra friend for my daughter today who's never been over. My daughter is an extrovert and the little friend she has invited over is an introvert. This shall be interesting. I still have to work while they are here so I have the kitchen table ready with a table cloth, clear glass jars, glitter and glue. My thought is that they will pour glue in, sprinkle glitter in there and add a battery operated tea light inside. Cute take home gift, that cost me $0.50. What do you think? Too cheesy for 7 year olds?

Diane, yes we will be having 4 Thanksgivings! You know, I forgot to add the Thanksgiving with my mother in law. We haven't planned it yet but it'll happen...even if I don't want it to, haha!

What's everyone's plans for the weekend? I will be at the Breathe Deep DFW walk for my second time. I will be honoring my friend Esther. She had a "hiccup" last month but she is out of the hospital and says she is just taking every day "day by day". She is in great spirits! We have so many knee slapping memories together I smile just typing this. So that's where I will be tomorrow. This will be the first year my Husband & son will join be going. Last year my Husband was traveling so I took my brother and my daughter.

Enough about me! Tell me about you!

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Cindy, thanks for opening the air! Cookies sounds wonderful (unfortunately most food sounds wonderful to me) and I think the idea with the jars and glitter is perfect. It reminds me very much of something I did with the cub scouts way back when I was a den mother – I think they were 8 – main difference is we used dirt instead of glitter :) . They loved it. I hope the Breathe Deep walk is a great success as I’m sure it will be.

I think our weekend is going to be pretty quiet. I am planning to try to do some internet Xmas shopping since I’ve been getting all of these emails with discounts for Veteran’s Day and free shipping. I just can’t handle most of the stores any longer – too much walking and nowhere to sit. I really miss not being able to actually see and touch something – pictures don’t always give you a true idea of what you’re buying but I definitely don’t miss the crowds! I generally try to buy from on-line stores that allow returns to be made in their mall stores since most of my kids tend to take back whatever I give them. I really hope I can get it all done soon and not worry about last minute shopping. It seems I have great intentions every year but slack off and wind up at the last minute having to pay overnight air for something.

It seems soooo cold here since the weather changed. It is still in the low 50s, but I’m freezing!! Doesn’t bode well for the colder temps to come. I refuse to give all my $$ to the power company, so I’m wearing two layers now, guess I’ll have to go up to three – will be resembling an Eskimo soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Diane - shopping sounds like a delight! I'm kind of bummed to hear that your kids take almost everything you give them back. :( My Mom gives interesting gifts to me every year. A few years back she bought me a hair removing set. I thought it was hilarious, but she sincerely picked it out for me. It was one of those sand paper hand held looking things. Well I didn't return it because believe it or not I actually used it! HA! Last year she bought me a paper towel holder. I love her.

I'm cold natured too! I sit on a heated blanket here in my office/ dining room (that never gets used). They make all sizes. Mine is just a little throw. I think the brand it "Sunset"? It's really soft. Would that be something that you could get? It uses little electricity, and keeps ya toasty. :)

I'm off to get the kids and will return shortly...

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Hey Cindy and Diane

Great to see some chatter in the Air.

I was supposed to travel 4 hours this morning to meetings and then another 4 hours this evening to return home. I left at 4:30am but after an hour the weather began getting bad so I turned around and came home. This is the first snowfall which is OK since last year we got it on October 9th and it stayed until mid May.

Not sure if I mentioned it but I got a little pony this week. I went out this morning and he was covered in snow even though there was a shelter with fresh straw just a few feet away. I had taken him in the shelter a few times this week and thought instinct would have led him in there when it snowed. Hope his instincts are better for the rest of the training. Still haven't named him yet but think I better hurry if his training is going to be a slow process !

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