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Christmas Wish List


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It's beginning to be that time of year again so I'm wondering what's on your list?

Mine's pretty simple:

I want my mom.

I want her to be happy and to not feel the pain from her cancer. I want her to enjoy the time we have with each other and with the rest of our family. I want my mom to know that every minute we share on this earth together is the greatest joy in my life, the best moments that I can and will cherish for the rest of my life. I want my mom to enjoy her newly remodeled house. I want my mom to know that her time on earth wasn't wasted because I've learned so much from her such as how to love, how to be generous, how to be helpful, kind, honest, sincere, polite. I want her to know that she instilled in me the peace and fulfillment of knowing Jesus Christ as my savior. I want her to know that even after she's gone and with the Lord that I will never forget her and that every day that passes will be one day closer to the time that I get to see her again in all her beauty…with or without hair. I want her to know that I will try my best to carry on the traditions that she tried to give us. I want her to know that I appreciate the life she gave me because so many others have had much worse. I want her to know, simply, that I don't want to live without her but I can, and I will, because she taught me how.

I want her to know that I love and adore her with all my heart.

BUT if I had to choose something tangible, something I can unwrap I've got that covered too:

From my mom: PS4 and a few games (she's the only one that can afford it LOL)

From my fiancé: A ring, gosh darn it!!

From my brothers: They can always go in together and get me a few books…I'm always looking for books but mostly the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. I can't find them ANYWHERE!

From my son: No whining and do his chores…is that so much to ask??

From my dad: To sit and talk with me and go over pictures because I'm not going to have him very much longer either as he's decided to take the path less traveled.

From my friends & cousins: A night out, watch my son for one night and let me go out and have some fun. This mom needs a break sometimes!

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As Michelle said - just beautiful. Your Mom is lucky - wish I'd said that to my Mom while she was still here.

Loved the rest of your list. Really got me started thinking . . . Would it be too tacky to send it to my kids? I don't know if I can handle another year of every single basket Bath & Body Works makes :).

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In our family when we all gather around for Thanksgiving dinner we enjoy each others company and afterwards when we're just sitting around watching the game or what not we pull out the 5-6 newspapers with the black friday ads and everyone goes through them and writes their list of what they want and then they get copied for everyone. Usually there are about 8 of us that do the shopping (hitting all the stores we can) but we refuse to do so on Thanksgiving Day itself because this is a day dedicated to the family. I see no problems at all with letting your loved ones know what YOU want!

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