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New member here, Paul Selby


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Hello all,

I just signed up to this discussion board and would like to introduce myself. I am a native to Colorado, USA and now living overseas in New Zealand with my beautiful wife and two daughters ( age 2 years and 4 weeks old ). I was diagnosed in May 2013 with stage IV peritoneal mesothelioma after symptoms of a persistent dry cough since Dec 2012. It came as an absolute shock as I am a 30 year old male who lives an active and generally healthy lifestyle with no previous serious health complications, aside from being hospitalized for DVT in the internal jugular vein in my throat in 2007. In hindsight, the DVT may have been the first signs of cancer developing, as suggested by my ONC.

I have since come to grips with all of this. I definitely hit rock bottom shortly after my diagnosis, grappling with emotions and the terrible physical side effects of chemotherapy treatment. But with the support of an amazing family, especially my wife, I have developed a strong sense of determination through faith, hope and love, and sincerely believe that we all have a choice in the path we take.

I was glad to find this active community of LC survivors and have only begun to read though some of the discussions archived on this website. I am still undergoing chemotherapy treatment ( i just had one yesterday ), and continue to supplement my chemo through lifestyle choices including diet, exercise (despite being limited with SOB), and spending quality time with my family. I have to mention that I have very recently experienced decreasing SOB and an overall improvement in stamina. :D

Thanks for having me and I would like to hear from anyone, especially any mesothelioma survivors, post me a reply, I would love to hear from you.



12/12 developed a persistent dry cough

05/13 dx stage IV peritioneal mesothelioma, with extensive DVT in veins feeding lungs

07/13 initiate pemetrexed/cisboplatin chemotherapy

07/13 switch to pemetrexed/carboplatin chemotherapy

09/13 switch to gemcitabine/carboplatin chemotherapy

11/14/13 continue gemcitabine/carboplatin chemotherapy

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Hi Paul,

I'm so sorry you had to find us. Welcome to the LUNGevity message boards. I bet you have such busy days with those little ones. My kids were born 2 years apart so I really remember those days. It sounds like you have a great family there with you. I'm really inspired by your determination! Please keep us updated on how you are doing.

In the "Discussion boards" there is a board titled "NSCLC & Mesothelioma". You might want to drop a line in there or browse the messages.

LUNGevity is also on Facebook, if you are a Facebook user. On there is informational & educational posts. The message boards are more personal and it feels more like a warm cozy lounge. Just thought I'd let you know that we do have a few avenues of communication.

Sending you hope & healing thoughts.

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Paul - welcome to the club that no one wants to belong to, but I am glad you found us. This is a good place to come if you have questions, as well as just a place to vent where people really do understand. I think it must be especially hard to be diagnosed so young. No one should have cancer, but that is especially true of young people. I am glad your SOB is getting better - that is no fun.

My family is from Colorado (Ft. Morgan and Swink - although I don't think many people know where Swink is). I never actually lived in Colo., but we would go to Gunnison every year and I thought it was just paradise! I have a friend from New Zealand, and they say that is a wonderful place as well. .

Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.


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I too would like to welcome you Paul. The is a wealth of information as well as support from our members. Please feel free to read....read and read our many posts here and if you have any questions of just want to "vent your feelings" please do so. I hope you keep us updated ((hugs))

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Thanks to all for your warm replies and welcomes. I can tell that there is a good group of folks on the site here. It's a funny thing about cancer, it tends to make people see the positive side of life and devote all of their energy to good things. Take care for now.

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