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Just dropping by – seems like things have been quiet this week. Our weather is typical winter weather and is supposed to start dropping into the 40s tomorrow. I realize that is downright warm for some of you, but it is that damp cold and it seems like it is so hard to get warm sometimes. Hawaii sounds really good right now . . . so does a Mai Tai! We do actually still have homegrown tomatoes! First time we tried bringing the green tomatoes into the garage to ripen, and it’s amazing how many we’ve had – been sharing with the neighbors. I’m getting really spoiled and not looking forward to having to go back to store bought.

I have been trying to catch up at work (which is a hopeless task and don’t know why I try) so I would not have to worry about a lot of this paperwork during the holidays. This week I have two friends dealing with cancer and have been trying to spend time with them. Not lung cancer – the one friend stopped treatment a year ago because it wasn’t working (tumor in her sinus area) and now is having severe vision problems so it is spreading, and the other really close friend is dealing with her son (32 yrs old) having cancer of the adrenal gland which appears to be advanced – he thought he had an ulcer and didn’t have medical ins, so didn’t go in to get it checked. My friend (his mother) is divorced and alone, and having a really hard time with it.

Chuck and I have been talking about selling our house and downsizing (too big and I can’t do the housework any longer because of my SOB – and he doesn’t want to). I think it would be the thing to do, but just the idea of selling (I hate selling) and having to actually pack everything and move just seems daunting. Has anyone else done that? Any advice?

Tomorrow is Friday and I hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend. I will try to check back in before next week, but it may not happen. Those of you who haven’t dropped in for awhile – let us know what you’ve been up to.

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Hi Diane!

Oh muh gosh, Mai Tai's sound good! I've never had one but it sounds yummy. This week we had some rain and cold weather. Today though when I picked up my children from school, the thermometer read 65! The skies are a beautiful light blue, with bright, white, traveling clouds that look like pulled cotton. It's a beautiful day!

Selling your house is a huge deal, I don't blame you for dreading it. I guess you would just have to weigh out the temporary hassle of packing & staging versus a smaller easier to manage home. I'm not sure how heavy that weighs on you.

Oh Diane, my heart is heavy for you & your two friends who are not feeling well. I'm glad to know that they have you as their friend to visit with.

Sending hopeful, healing thoughts your way, theirs and to everyone who reads this.

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