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Wanted: Lung Cancer Advocates


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Wanted: Lung Cancer Advocates

November 15th, 2013 - by Katie Brown

Lung Cancer Awareness Month is about engaging: engaging communities in a dedicated effort to increase survivorship and quality of life for everyone affected by lung cancer. To really accomplish that will take a virtual army of lung cancer advocates, but it’s an effort everyone can join TODAY. Make the commitment to be a lung cancer advocate.

Never underestimate the power of one person to make a difference! Every time you talk to someone about lung cancer, you are helping to make inroads in bringing lung cancer into the national consciousness. That’s what grassroots advocacy is all about.


Having lots of committed people who are willing to stand up, speak out, and educate the public shows that lung cancer is important and deserves attention. The more people who are engaged, the more grassroots power we can demonstrate, because the impact of collective action becomes more visible.

Action fuels a sense of energy and community: Grassroots action creates energy, excitement, and momentum that gives lung cancer issues “buzz” and gets the attention of the community and its leaders.

Grassroots advocates can influence policy decisions by raising awareness and educating decisionmakers who can change the rules regarding lung cancer and funding for lung cancer.

Grassroots action taps the hope and inspiration of people’s personal experiences and translates them into concrete and meaningful change on a community scale.

Grassroots action often attracts others who care about lung cancer. The energy, enthusiasm, and results draw people together as they see other supporters speak out, and that may result in a chain of events and action.


Write letters. Write your local leaders and let them know the impact that lung cancer has had on you. Get them to issue a proclamation in honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, or a fundraising effort. Contact the health editor of your local newspaper and ask if they will do a story on lung cancer. Write the paper a letter and share your story along with the lung cancer facts.

Speak up! Take the opportunity whenever you can to talk to doctors, nurses, health care workers, businesses, and employers to increase their awareness of lung cancer.

Hold a fundraising event. LUNGevity has the largest national network of grassroots events aimed at raising money for lifesaving lung cancer research and creating awareness about the disease. Dedicated and passionate volunteers from across the country plan local fundraising events to help LUNGevity fund its research program, bringing together tens of thousands of lung cancer patients, survivors, families, friends, and advocates in 25 states (and counting!) to change the course of lung cancer.

Breathe Deep events are fundraising walks and runs, organized by grassroots volunteers with support from LUNGevity staff, that raise money and awareness for lung cancer research. The guidance LUNGevity provides can help make it a beneficial, enjoyable, and successful experience. There is a lot of FUN in FUNdraising!

The Advocacy Toolkit provides lots of ideas for other types of fundraisers as well. Email events@lungevity.org to learn more about fundraising or to tell us about your fundraising plans.

Provide literature. Request “Get Connected” brochures and Lung Cancer Facts Cards from LUNGevity and ask your nurse, doctor, or social worker to place them in the educational area of your hospital. Click here to request literature and find 10 simple ways to increase awareness every day!

YOU can be an advocate, and LUNGevity’s Advovacy Toolkit will give you all the information you’ll need. Every effort makes a difference – let’s get started today

http://blog.lungevity.org/2013/11/15/wa ... advocates/


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