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Good Evening Everyone,

Just gone 8pm,found some time just to sit and enjoy sharing my neck of the wood happenings with you.Weather,well not quite as cold Bruce where you live,we hover around freezing most mornings now,unless we have cloud cover,I am scraping the frost off my car,the weather forecast for next week is cold air coming our way from the Artic,so its wrap up warm time again.

I was asked by the Roy Castle Foundation,if I could participate in a bucket collection in Glasgow's Central Station last Thursday between 11am and 3pm.I left my car at Airdrie Station and travelled to Glasgow on the electric train,I had forgot to lift my gloves and wooly bunnet,boy did I regret that later,Thursday was a brilliant sunny day,however it was also very cold and windy,I was frozen at my station,fortunately,I did take a lunch break,meeting up with my gym buddies at the Admiral Bar,as I always do on Thursdays,gave me a chance for a quick thaw,before returning to my station about 45mins later.I was never so glad to see 3pm arrive,I suggested to the organiser,Lorraine,from now on fund raising should be restricted to bag packing at the check outs in supermarkets,where we are at least kept warm,and more people generously donate their pennies,Lorriane agreed.

Spent the day with Sally yesterday,we did some shopping for bits and pieces for her new home,we went for lunch in Airdries Tudor Hotel,a bit less pricey than our usual Guidies,I ordered a fillet steak,good grief,it was hugh,and me on a diet too,I did manage to finish it though but not the garnishings.With some spare time on our hands we decided to visit the Showcase Cinema complex,just to see what was on,I do fancy Gravity,but am a bit worried about motion sickness watching this film,I am waiting for my daughter to see it first to report back how she felt watching it,she has the same problems with motion sickness as me.Anyway,Tom Hanks film Captain Phillips was just about to commence,so we went into see it.I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it,one I certainly recommend to you.Previews had a couple of interesting films coming shortly,The Railwaymen,set in WW11,with Colin Firth being a POW of the Japanese building the infamous Thialand/Burma railway,the other 12 years a slave,a true story about a Negro who was a freeman in the 19 century being kidnapped into slavery in the USA.

Church this morning,the service was led by an American called Bruce Kuhn,never heard anyone preach like that before,he was just brilliant,he certainly got our complete attention.This afternoon,up to my sister Dots for fun and games.My daughter Jennifer has been selected by her School to take a small group of pupils to Malawi in Africa next June,the Rotary Club in Airdrie invited Jennifer to attend a dinner in the Tudor Hotel last Monday evening,to present a cheque to her to help cover her expenses,she gave a short presentation,and has been invited to return after her African visit next to give a presentation on her experiences.My bowling buddy Ronnie told me about Jennifers visit later,I just happened to mention I have another buddy in the Rotary club,whats his name? Ronnie enquires,Bill McMullen I reply,Eric says Ronnie,Bill is the President,so the next thing is Ronnie passing me some literature about the History of the Rotary Club and an invitation to join,Jennifer reckons its something I would enjoy,however,they meet every Monday evening for dinner,which is fine in winter,but spring sees the re-start of the outdoor bowling again and club night is Mondays,I really cannot do both.

Pantomime Season starts on Thursday,I am doing FOH at 12.15pm,busloads of school kids from all over North Lanarkshire will be in daily attendance until the 5th of January,think I will see over 20 performances,I know sounds boring,but it is'nt watching the childrens pariticipating and interacting with the cast is just super,every performance is different.This definately a type of theatre that the USA should adopt,its perfectly suited to "resting" actors of TV and Screen making a bit cash over the festive season,thats why so many are doing it,plus the fun of course.

Time to go everyone,enjoy the rest of Sunday,bye.

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