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Tuesday's Air

Bruce u

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Lots of post today by Katie and Cindy so just thought that I would join in and open the air. Maybe close to the end of the day for some.

Little chilly here today at -23C with -31 windchill. So Katie how about pushing some of your warm temperatures north please. This weekend it is supposed to get unseasonably warm at -3.

Anyone have any Christmas stories to share ? I am buying Christmas presents for my staff. Any suggestions ?

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Hey Bruce! Get used to it. My travels are over until Feb so you will be seeing more of me around this joint! HA!

You can have some of our warm air for sure! I've packed away my summer clothes and need it to cool off once and for all! Send me a pic of the snow up there like you used to do... shoot, maybe time to take the LCSC bus and pick everyone up for a visit.. remember those days?

These days everyone can meet in person in real life at HOPE Summit in May. Think about it Brucey...I'll harp on it until you say yes. LOL.

Staff gifts.... I say a tin of goodies or sweets. They have great gifts at swisscolony.com you can order them online and have them sent to your employees...of if you are a maker/baker, buy some holiday tins and fill them with nuts or sweets and maybe a gift card too? Let me know what you decide!



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Hi Bruce!

You will be seeing more of me here too, like Katie. Lucky you! 8)

I can't wait to tell my kids how cold it is where you are. They think they need their parkas for the 40 degrees that we sometimes get here. This morning it was cloudy and cool around 50. Now it is sunny and will warm up to nearly 70. Thursday storms, Friday possible slushy weather. It seems like Winter is trying to sneak in, but our warm "cap" wont let it in.

As far as Christmas gifts, QVC.com (I bought a teacher a warming scarf from there, she loved it!) surprisingly has a lot of neat items. One of my favorite places to shop is thinkGeek.com, Uncommongoods.com, & gifts.com. You think I shop online much, haha! Let us know what you find.

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