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Thursday's Air

Bruce u

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Morning folks

First of all I would like to clarify something. I think there is a language barrier because I am Newfie. Cindy I said I wanted warm air. It is 2 degree's colder than yesterday !!!! A balmy -36C ( -33F ) not including the wind chill.LOL

Did I read right that Katie said I was her favorite Canadian ???? She must be in the Christmas spirit because usually she is just giving me heck.

My new pony doesn't like this weather too much. His bouncing around when it was warmer is now down to a slow walk around the pasture. He has a nice winter coat on so I am sure he is just conserving energy.

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Bruce, whoever sent the colder temps your way apparently didn't want me to feel left out up here - it is expected to drop into the mid-20s tonight (still tropic by your standards) - I can hardly say that out loud without shivering!! Hope I remember to keep the water dripping - if there's anything worse than freezing, it's freezing without water. :)

Bruce, I remember eating lobster in Maine, and it was so much better than what passes for lobster out here. In fact the "lobster" in San Diego didn't even really look the same as the Maine lobster. We can get Copper River Salmon from Alaska that is very good, but generally you have to order it through a butcher shop.

Speaking of fish, I'm going to a sushi place for lunch. I've never quite been able to develop a taste for raw fish, but they have great chicken teriyaki.

Stay warm everyone.

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