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Friday's Air

Bruce u

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Morning folks

I think it is getting colder !! It was -37 this morning. Really did not want to go outside. But I'm afraid it will get colder than that. A couple weeks ago I was complaining about -10 !

Diane I think Cindy is doing it. She was going to fan that warm air our way but I think she kept it for herself.

So Diane you are well aware of the difference in seafood depending on the water temperature. I was reading an article last night of a shark being found on a beach in Newfoundland. It had a piece of moose hide still in it's mouth. A couple fisherman pulled it out and pushed the shark back in the ocean. You do not get too many sharks there but lots of whales. Really nice when they surface close to you. A little scary when they swim right under your boat. Curious creatures.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Thank you Bruce,opening the Air four days in a row?,you are putting me to shame.

Beautiful day here today,temps around freezing but good to get all wrapped up a going for walk around the woods next to my home.Panto season started on Wednesday,I was on my first FOH yesterday,this year its the Wizard Of Oz,it was an afternoon matinee,over 400 primary school children in attendance,it really is fun watching them reacting to the characters on stage,boy can they make some noise,boos for the witch,cheers for the good guys,I really think this would go down well in the US.Only another 20 or so performances for me to attend.I was talking to one of the cast and mentioned me doing 20 shows,she replied in total between now and the 5th January,they will do exactly 90 shows.They deserve a medal.

I am still visiting Sally daily,she is beginning to settle into her new lifestyle,in fact she said I cannot continue seeing her everyday,she suggested that her club days in the community centre are days where I dont have to see her,well its a start,this means Tuesdays,Thurdays and Fridays.Good thing is despite having access to money she has not been drinking from the day she moved in and is determined never to drink again,wish I had done this years ago.

I enrolled on a dating website,its run by the London Times newspaper,(a bit posher than others it seems,nearly everyone seems to be in the professions and post grads too)however,I filled in a rather lengthy questionaire about my habits,dress sense,eating preferences,goodness was this detailed or what.The idea is they computer match you to your perfect mate,so you click on matches, up comes a womans pic with yours alongside underneath each,is a red bar which slides from 0% - 100% so for example the bar under hers goes to 84% underneath me 23%,this she meets my ideal mate as 84% whereas I was only 23% of the perfect mate for her.Only problem they provide 1000 matches at a time,it takes you a few minutes to read someones profile,so this could well be a full time job LOL.If you fancy someone you click favourite,on her box you will become a fan of hers,so she knows you are interested and may respond.Obviously my well written profile and excellent photos of myself was going to bowl all these women over and I would be snowed under with fan requests?.Ahem,why are woman so fickle?,I did get one from the North of England,which should'nt really happen since I put down a preference of 40 mile radius from Airdrie,however we did exchange a post or two,she is a lovely person but no thanks.You wont believe the next fan I got-Lidia from Rostov-on-Don (Russia)it just so happens I am well aquainted with Rostov,for many years it has been twinned with my home town Glasgow.Lidia was amazed that I had even heard of it,she confirmed Glasgow was twinned with Rostov.The commonality of our profiles is really amazing,we like the sames things,food,music,travel you name it,to cap it all she is also a retired college lecturer.We have now exchanged our private email address's so we can continue to chat in a more private setting.Well maybe its Rostov-on -Don for holidays next year?.Well thats about all the response I have had so far, although, 167 persons have read my


I got a phone call from a girl called Karen yesterday,she is the organiser for Scotlands Detect Cancer Early Campaign,I attended the launch a couple of weeks ago,think I shared the details here at the time so I wont bore you again,anyway,she said the Glasgow Herald are doing an article in their Sunday Edition about lung cancer,would I agree to be interviewed,do you think I said no?Scotlands Quality newspaper,actually I said yes.Well with 5 minutes after I agreed, my phone rang,it was the Herald reporter so I spend some time talking about my cancer journey and my thoughts on how support for lung cancer could be improved,so I think I covered all the bases pretty well,now to buy a couple of a hundred copies of the Sunday Herald this weekend,anyone wanting an autograph?

Bye everyone,back to the hard slog of finding my new mate.

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Well something went wrong?,when I clicked the post submit button I got a statement that someone has posted since I started my post,well I re-clicked submit again,the rest is history.Sorry about that everyone,one post a day from me is enough for anyone,never mind three.Maybe some kind editor will step in to delete the eroneous ones? pretty please.

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Bruce – thanks for opening the air again today. We went down in the mid 20s last night – currently it’s up to 30, but it’s supposed to be colder tonight - down to 20. That is way unusually cold for our area. Cindy – please, we need some of your warm air – just a little bit. Or better yet, send the bus (make sure it’s stocked with Mai Tai’s and Margarhitas) and we can all head down to Baja :lol: . Actually the sun was out yesterday and again today – that is also a little unusual for this time of year – but I can put up with almost anything, even the cold, as long as the sun is shining!

I’ve only seen whales really close up once, and that was from a catamaran in Hawaii. We weren’t expecting any whales, but they were only about 2 feet from the boat. It would definitely be a little unnerving to have them right under the boat! It was just amazing and was the highlight of our trip! I wanted to take a boat tour out to see the killer whales when we were in Victoria once, but we were there with my folks and they couldn’t handle it physically. Maybe we’ll be able to get back there again to do that.

One of our sons and his family is coming today – they live in Redding where Lillian lives, but are driving up here to fly north to go to a place called Great Wolf Lodge. It is some sort of an indoor water park. We used to pass it on the way to Seattle, and it’s just huge. They have to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. so they are only going to be here for dinner – but it will be nice to see them. Have to clean the house up – so better get moving.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Eric - we must have posted at the same time.

Wow - I'm impressed - a dating website. That should be really fun and interesting. I predict your inbox will be packed with responses! If the people on this website are so well educated, I'm sure they are smart enough to spot a great catch when they see one! My sister-in-law enrolled at a dating website after her divorce, and found the perfect guy and is still married 10 years later.

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Hi everybody!

Bruce, I DID fan warm air your way but I think you fanned it back because it is near freezing here in Dallas. 37F will be our high for today. Besides it being cold and rainy here, I'm glad I get to work from home where it is toasty roasty. Hey, how's that shopping going? I know it's online, but have yo uever checked out mancrates.com? My husband ships these to his clients. They are SO neat!

Eric! A dating site? Very cool. I have a couple of friends who were introduced via a website and they are now happily married with a 6 year old and 1 on the way. I wish you happiness with this venture. I also erased the extra 2 posts that were submitted. Easy peasy. Please take a picture of your article when it is published in the Herald, we'd love to see it!

Diane, we have a Great Wolf lodge here near town and I hear it is a great place to go. I've never been myself but I drive by it often. Let me know what you think of it. Don't forget to take your swim attire. They have heated pools from what I hear. I hope you have a good weekend too. Stay warm!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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It was 15 degrees here in Minnesota when I got up this morning and found the heater for the house was not working! Fortunately I called a service company and they were able to come about 9am and started working on it. I am warm now thank goodness because tomorrow is suppose to be even colder!

Donna G

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