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Monday's Air

Bruce u

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Morning everyone.

How was everyone's weekend ? Was really nice on the farm. The temperature yesterday was right at the freezing point. ( I think those Texas ladies finally decided to share ! ) Just nice for doing chores outside. Even the little pony was out running around. Last night I took the dogs for a walk and the sky was just full of stars. Great night to just walk and enjoy everything.

Diane you have got your weekend planned out ! Nothing wrong with just sitting back enjoying it and let the young un's do the work. LOL

Mike I had my surgery in September and had chemo over the winter. I found the cold air was really bad then. Of course I also lived in Yellowknife which is far north. There you have to go south to visit Santa ! It is common for temperatures not to rise above -40 for 3 weeks straight in the winter. And yes -40 is the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Wood stoves now are very air tight so you get very little smoke in the house. It doesn't bother me at all. In the fall here farmers burn brush from clearing land and that bother's me. Same as forest fires in the summer. But I enjoy sitting around the firepit and enjoy a wobbly pop ! The smoke doesn't seem to affect me at all. LOL

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Hey Bruce! I hear you are trying to blame the cold on us Texas gals? Well, ever since I fanned that warm air from here, it's been cold, sleeting and grey. Haha. Stay warm up there. I'm with Diane, our electric bill has been so high these past few winters we try to do other things to help reduce the cost. I'm currently typing this with a twin sized heating blanked wrapped around me in my office. I'm sure I look silly, but I am very warm. That's what matters, right? :wink:

Well it sounds like you all had a good weekend.

This weekend was Thanksgiving at my Father in laws house. He is a great cook but it's starting to get more crowded every year.

I'm ready for this week to be over with. Tuesday is Thanksgiving with my Mom, Wednesday, is when I will go to see some distant (5 hours away) relatives. We are supposed to go to my Dad's friends house this year for their Thanksgiving, it seems weird and awkward to me and my half brother. Neither one of us really want to go, but we are having another Thanksgiving Friday when my sister arrives at my Dad's house. Saturday we are going to go see "Frosty" at the children's theater, and afterwards we will take my mother in law out to eat for Thanksgiving. Ugh. Everyone always asks me, "Are you looking forward to the holidays?" Every year I reply with "Yes, like a Volkswagen pimple".

Christmas, now that's a holiday I do enjoy. That's the day I stand up and refuse all invites for us to visit all over Texas. We spend it here at home together, just the 4 of us. Peacefully. No hustle and bustle, just glittery type of happy.

I hope you all get to enjoy your week of feasts. If you have any tips on how you balance healthy eating and your health, please drop them off in the Healthy Living - Recipes board.

Talk to you soon,


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Bruce - thanks again for opening the air. By the time I check in lately the day is almost over back there. It's still cold here, but the sun is out and so by mid-afternoon it has warmed up a little. I haven't been out late at night, but I'm guessing the fog must be pretty bad. I think the skiers must be a bit frustrated since it's been so dry but I'm sure the rain will show up any day.

Cindy your Thanksgiving does sound crazy busy but I think you have the right idea for Xmas. I'm not sure what we are doing for Xmas yet - I'd like to stay home, but we may have to travel. We never seem to know what we're doing until the last minute.

I made soup yesterday with beans, sausage and kale -- very healthy and good for you. That was my one effort to get a healthy start on the holiday food - but doubt that it will do much good. A friend is taking us out to dinner tonight - tomorrow we are taking one of our sons out to dinner - Wednesday we are going to to dinner with another son and his family for an "early Thanksgiving" - and then comes Turkey day itself - by the time the weekend comes and it is all over I hope I won't need a whole new wardrobe :( .

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Hi everyone, Hope you all had a nice weekend. I hate to admit it but Im a scrooge when it comes to holidays. They get kind of stressful when you and your spouse have both been in previous marriages and none of the kids really know each other or want to know each other. I just try my best to spend some time with each family and hope that no feelings get hurt. I quess Im as ready for the cold weather as Im gonna be. I prefer summer but at least there aren't any tornado watches and warnings in the winter. What is your meat of choice for thanksgiving? There is usually plenty of turkey but I find myself digging for the ham. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

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