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Post your tips on how you balance holidays & your health


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The holidays can be stressful especially when you loved ones encouraging you to eat one more serving of something. Here are some easy tips to remember during Thanksgiving and all of your holidays that include feasts.

Stay clear of any canned goods. Fresh is best. Fresh vegetables,& fresh fruit.

Makes sure all meats have been cooked well. To avoid dangerous bacterial growth, casseroles or similar type dishes should be cooked to a minimum of 165° in the center. Ground beef and eggs should be cooked to 160°, Poultry to 165° and fresh beef, pork or fish to 150° in the center or thickest portion.

Try substituting at least half of white flour for whole grain flour in recipes (you may need to add applesauce for moisture)

Remove visible fat from your holiday meats. This decreases the overall fat and cholesterol content of your meal, which is a good way to keep it heart-healthy!

Clean all fruits and veggies well before consuming. If you don't want to buy produce washing product at the store, use a mixture 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar, soak 10 minutes, and rinse!

Substitute evaporated milk or reduced fat milk in place of cream in pumpkin pie or white sauce dishes.

Tips provided by Cancer Treatment Center of America


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