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Tuesday's Air

Bruce u

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Hey everyone

Wow Cindy do you ever have a busy week !!!! If I had that many Thanksgiving dinners I would be sleeping for a week.

Diane I think your dinner dates are bringing you in a close second behind Cindy.

We celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago so my Turkey dinner is worn off. But hearing everyone talk about their plans this week, the Christmas bird in the freezer may be making an appeareance a little early !!!

Mike I think we would all like to have the entire family together for those holidays. Unfortunately most families in the real world are not like the Waltons. All you can do is spread yourself around to spend time with different family members. My plans were to spend Christmas with my daughter but her boyfriend got transferred to another province and she leaves on December 22. Then a week after that news my son got a new job 500 miles away and he is working during Christmas. So much for plans hey.

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I had the same 2 parents growing up but I have 6 siblings who are half siblings and had a different father. I never really felt like one of them and holidays were much easier when my mom was still alive. Now every year, one or more sibling invites themselves to my house. Some times one sibling will learn another sibling is coming and because they may be in an argument neither one of their families show up- of course the don't bother to tell me. Sigh. Anyway, happy happy thanksgiving my friends. I hope yours is a great one. If you are near me, there's a chair for you at my table just message me for my address


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