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WOW! Once again, it has been a terribly long time since I posted.

2003 was full of ups and downs, but my family and I ended it on one of those ups that we hope to be riding for a LONG time!

The last time I was here, my mother was waiting on the results of CT scans.

The results came back and onc said that there was still a spot on her lower lung and her mediastinum. In addition, a chest X-ray showed fluid around her heart.

So, onc ordered a PET scan. We got the results a day before Thanksgiving that her PET scans were normal! So I asked onc, "What do you mean normal? Normal like a normal person or normal for a person with cancer?"

He said," There are no signs of malignant cancer."

And he handed me her results and interpreted them for me. Her blood tests were perfect, too.

So he said, "I think I'm done with you!!" Which is great, we just hate not having to visit him anymore (yea right) and I'm sure the nurses will miss the wonderful cakes that my mom used to make for them, but it's OK! He and his staff were wonderful!

Onc decided not to do any "maintenance chemo" and wants to see her every 3 months, as does her pulmonologist. When the pulmonologist saw her scans, all he could say was "Amazing!"

Anyway, she still has her portacath, just in case, but onc said he might remove it this summer, no later than the fall. So, for now, she still has to go in for maintenance on the portacath.

As for the fluid around her heart, onc and pulmonologist seem to think it is a very delayed reaction to the chemotherapy. So, we wait and see.

So, after taking a semester off, I'm back in the grind again, hoping to finish up my grad program in two more semesters.

Brief history:

-Mom diagnosed with stage 3B adenocarcinoma Sept. 2002 (inoperable)

-Tried Taxol, Gemzar, and Carboplatin (Had to eventually take drug cocktail to avoid severe reaction)

-Radiation (5 days a week for 6 weeks)

- Hospitalized three times (once at first diagnosis, then for reaction to chemo, and lastly for severe weight loss)

-Surgery to repair damage from severe radiation esophagitis (could not eat at all, lost about 20 pounds in 1 month)

So there is hope for all.

My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.



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What wonderful news, Minnie. You're right...miracles do happen everyday! We just have to believe that they can happen! So glad to hear your mom is doing so very well. Your story will certainly give hope to many!

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Oh Minnie~ Thank you for giving me and others here some renewed hope in hearing this wonderful news about your mother~ This really is such a great miracle~ I am so happy for your and your mother~

Big Hugs -


Husband diagnosed w/extensive stage IV SCLC 12/5

2 rounds of chemo

Mets everywhere except brain~ [yeah!!]

Holding, Eating and Still Has Hair~

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Thanks for all the wonderful words of encouragement. You never realize that someone else's story can bring such encouragement to others.

I have been trying to get my mother to post her story. I know what I felt while she battled cancer, chemo, radiation, but I can not imagine what she felt. The hopelessness, the longing question of "why me" etc.

I have gotten a lot of questions concerning her chemo cocktails and radiation procedure. I can't be sure of the order since for most of her treatment I was in Florida and she was in Texas. (Most of my info was coming second-hand via my very tired dad). But, this I promise, if I can't get her to post it, I'll at least have her e-mail it to me so I can post it to you all.

Many blessings to all of you and your families/friends.


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