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im so scared


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I have stage 2a adenocarcinoma lung cancer im only 34 it was in my left lung at 2.5cm the took my whole upper lobe and I went through my 4cycles of cysplatnin and gemzar it did make me sick but I finshed it regardless I just read stories of how people die within the first year of getting lung cancer no matter the srage I feel like there is no hope I cry every day I fear its going to my brain or liver evey little head ache are pain I think its come back and of I smoked but nobody deserves it regardless of what a person does ohh and it was found only in one lymph node but it was still local and all my margins were negative for cancer but I read a woman caught it at stage 1 she didnt have to do chemo and it came back in her brain my pet scan showed no spread for now but I havent had an mri or cat scan for my brain my doctor says I dont need one but im like were gonna wait till its there or symptoms I have two kids who still need me I feel like I have nobody to talk too that's been through this heck I know people who smoke three packs a day and they dont have nothing wrong I never smoked like that never it just makes me sick I feel like lung cancer hey u might as well prepare to die I guess

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Hi Amy - I'm so sorry you had reason to find this site. I was diagnosed stage 2a when I was 50 - my youngest was in high school and I cannot even imagine how afraid I would have been if my children had been younger. No one should get cancer, but especially not young people. Stage 2a is a very curable stage. I had my left lung removed entirely, and did not have any chemo or radiation which I most likely would have today. Although I was diagnosed again almost 11 years later with 3b - please remember that according to my doctors it was an entirely new cancer - NOT a recurrence. That being said, I know very well - as does anyone here who has been diagnosed - that fear goes along with the territory. As Katie said, read all the positive stories you can - and there are a lot of them - and avoid all of the negative stuff. I'm not sure where you are reading all of this negative information, but it simply isn't true. Staging is much more accurate than it used to be, and there are so many new treatments and targeted therapies. More and more people are surviving lung cancer, and even late stage patients are being treatment oftentimes as though they had a chronic illness.

I do know how hard it is to be positive - but a positive attitude is very important and you cannot let the fear take hold. If you are afraid, your children and your family will be afraid. I know it's hard to imagine being lucky with this disease, but a stage 2a diagnosis is lucky. You have every reason to believe you are cured. It is normal to worry about aches and pains you wouldn't have given a thought to before, but that does get easier with time.

Please come back anytime you need to. We have all been where you are, and we do understand.

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Hi Amy. I remember well the day I was told I had lung cancer! I thought well that means I am going to die.

That was that was December 3 , 1997. I was Stage 3B. After months of chemo, radiation, surgery, more chemo , I am still cancer free! I pray this will be your story too, cancer free!

Keep us posted.

Donna G

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