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Advice wanted: How to deal with a difficult patient?


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Hi I have a friend who is not computer savvy and would like for me to post this question for her.

Help. I take care of my mother who is verbally abusive. I have been caring for her for nearly 5 years and it is getting worse by the day. I've already talked to her about it, & now she is verbally abusing my husband. What are some ways to address this?

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You can bring in an oncology social worker to mediate and defuse the situation or the daughter can learn coping skills if this abusive behavior is not cancer related and her mom has always been an angry/abusive person. In that case the mom/patient needs to know that when she exhibits that behavior she won't get a positive response in return. Without being abusive in return, the daughter can stop interacting with the mom while still providing the very basic if care.

Hopefully this is treatment related and counseling and maybe even anti depressants will help.

No one deserves or should put up with abuse.

Keep us posted on her. Hope things get better.

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