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Talking to someone with lung cancer


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Hi LCSCers

I hear this question all the time and I'm posting to get YOUR answers and YOUR expert advice.

How do you talk to someone with lung cancer? Whether it's someone in your own family or a friend or co worker.

Survivors, how do you want people to talk to you about your cancer? What should they and what SHOULDN'T they say to you? Please comment below!

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When my husband was diagnosed with LC, I found the best approach with him was to just let "him" open the door for communication when he was ready. There was a time that I started the conversation myself and he responded poorly. Waiting until "he" was ready made things so much easier. I still wish that he had opened up more with me though, but, I'm happy that I didn't push things and made it harder on him then it already was.

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I agree. with Michelle.

With each of my parents I let them decide what they wanted to talk about. With my dad it was frustrating because you never knew what he was thinking...lol

my advice would be to simply ask-- How are you feeling? Do you want to talk about your cancer today? Some people don't want to talk about it at all and when they see you they only want to be "normal" and have that before cancer relationship.

Do things for them to let them know you care. Let them know you are following their cues.

hope that helps

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