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I Held My New Grandson

Guest DaveG

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Guest DaveG

Yesterday, while playing golf, my new grandson arrived home. As we got to the 13th hole the skies started to blacken, we decided enough was enough. Had just gottn my clubs off the golf cart and into my trunk, grabbed my shoes, and ran to the door of the car and got inside just in time. The skies opened up and ended up changing my shoes in the car.

When I got home, my wife told me that our new grand son was home, so we walked to our sons house, which is next door, to see this neww bundle.

What a bundle. His birth weight was 10 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. I asked if his first meal was steak and eggs. :D:D:D

Life is so ironic, one day you can get the worse news and the next day you are holding something new and beautiful like a new baby. And I got to thinking, should I make my goal of celebrating 50 yers with my beautiful wife, I will see this young man graduate from high school.

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Hi Dave, :D:D:D

There is nothing more life affirming than to hold a new life in your arms. I'm so happy you had that experience and I know you will have many more.

I have one grandchild, a girl. I haven't seen her since she was one month old. I've been too ill to make a trip to Dallas. But my son and his family are coming to visit for Mother's Day. Isabelle, my granddaughter, will be almost 6 months old by then. I'm so excited and can hardly wait. :D:D

To me, this is the kind of stuff that puts lung cancer on the back burner and even lets you forget about it for a while.

Treasure the good times!!!!


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