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What day is.it?

It's my 16yrs old getting - braces OFF today. Sitting here waiting to see what his smile will be like...but thinking about Mike and his upcoming scan results...my friend Franks wife and my friend Penny have just entered hospice..... requests for caregiver mentors because they are having a hard time caring for their loved ones....planning 4 conferences this year and ...and...and.... oy so much on my mind kind today!

What day is it Camel?

It's an I'm happy to be alive day, and happy that for a little while, I can shift my focus to my boys lopsided smile and happiness at getting his braces off..

Tell us what kind of day is it going to be for you?

I hope a great one.



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Hi Katie! I'm back on the pc today, even for a little bit! Glad to hear your son got his braces off! I saw his pic on fb and he looks so handsome :)

I'm recovering a little each day from this surgery. I counted the days since I've been in this wheel chair and it's 55 days.....55 very long days :( It feels like 5,555,555,555, !!!!!! I can't wait till I can walk and drive again. I see the surgeon next week and am hoping he will give me some good news!

We had over 2 ft of snow here recently. Coming from Southern California it was really a shocker for me. Russ's phone kept ringing from people who were stuck in ditches and needed someone to drag them out. I told him that would be a good business opportunity! lol

Well, can't sit here much longer because of the ankle swelling, so I hope everyone has a great day and I'll be back soon! ((hugs))

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Michelle I hope you heal up quickly. I didn't know you had surgery but I guess I have been AWL around here a lot the last year or so. Katie , I hope your sons smile is fantastic. Darn braces are not cheap and Im sure he will be glad to get them off. They made a world of difference on my grandsons teeth. Still no call about my results. Its been a week since I had the cat scan so I would think I will hear something soon. I been taking a probiotic and citracal fiber tabs and it does seem like its helping with tummy. I can now walk across the room without sounding like a go cart. Have a nice day everyone. :D

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