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Dallas - $150 paid survey available


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For this particular project, they are interviewing Patients, Nurses, and Caregivers (friends and family of Patients) with Lung Cancer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. All participants will be paid for their time.

There are 2 types of interviews that they are scheduling. One type is for patients, aged 18 or older. Another is for the Caregivers and Nurses of patients who have been affected from Lung Cancer. Both types of interviews are being scheduled January 23rd, or January 24th. Participants will be compensated a minimum of $150 for their time and opinions. If you are interested, and believe that you may be able to help us, please fill out this online prescreen or forward the link to anyone you know in the Dallas area who may be interested!

http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1489446/D ... lth-Issues

or you can call us at 972-866-5810, leave us your name and number along with the best time to reach you.

If you are able to refer any Patients, $100 compensation will be paid for every qualified participant that participates. Note: This referral applies to the Patients groups and not the nurses or caregivers. In order to be compensated please have them provide the name and phone number of who is referring them so we can be sure the correct person receives the compensation.

Privacy Policy

YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US. Fieldwork Dallas Inc. respects the privacy of respondents and individuals who respond to electronic information requests. When you register to become a market research participant with Fieldwork Dallas Inc., your contact information and other demographic information is added to our database of potential market research participants so that we can contact you when a market research study is being conducted that you may qualify


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