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Tuesday's air


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I just have a few minutes before fitness. Still fighting trying to lose some weight but it always seems to be a loosing battle.

I wish there were more hours in the day lately. I miss coming here every day but by the time I finish with every thing else my mind is too tired to think about it.

We have a lot of activities here and I take part in them all. I am the one who organizes most of them. There is at least one thing each day and most days something in the morning and again in the afternoon. Today it is fitness and Bunco. Tomorrow it is line dancing class started last week by one of my new neighbors, Fridays it is fitness and Pokeno, Thursdays it is our HANDS program where we get together and make lap quits and tissue box covers for a local nursing home. Once a month on Monday they bring us lunch and someone to discuss things of importance to seniors. Yesterday we turned in 5 lap quilts and 5 tissue boxes. For Christmas we gave them 23 lap quilts. I am very glad that I started that program but for the most part I end up doing the most of them and finishing the ones the others do. It is a lot of work and very time consuming. We also have Wii bowling on Monday afternoons.

Anyway you can get the idea of why I am MIA most of the time.

Yesterday the lap quilts were going to Hospice patients. I had a nice conversation with the lady who is in charge of that department. She told me that her husband had died of Lung Cancer and now her boyfriends mother has it. She said he is having a very hard time. Sorry I didn't get any names but did give her information about Lungevity and LCSC and told her it might help him and his mom. I hope they come and visit so they can see that there is Hope.

Well time to run. I hope all of you are staying well and safe with all of the crazy weather. Here we are having a continuous spring. Our temperatures have been record breaking in the 70s and no rain at all. I can see a very serious situation developing. Praying for rain but not so much that we have the opposite problem. Take care all and congrats Mike on NED.

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