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Hello all my friends,

I'm posting today asking for prayers for a successful doctor's visit. Keith and I are flying down to New Orleans this Friday to visit with Dr. Lowell Anthony at Memorial Medical Center. He is a carcinoid specialist, and is also associated with a treatment using Indium 111.

Keith was tested recently for Octreotide receptor sites, and received a positive result, so we are hoping he is eligible for this type of treatment. It is very experimental, and similar to a clinical trial being performed in Amsterdam. The treatment is one in which they determine whether the cancer tumor has specific hormone uptake sites, and if so, they attach radiated isotopes to that hormone and give injections of that hormone which then targets directly the tumor. They say it acts like a targeted missile to the tumors. The Amsterdam studies have had some very positive results, and I haven't heard anything on Dr. Anthony's patients. But I am hoping that this is something that can bring a cure for my love.

In the mean time, he has recently started taking Sandostatin, which he self injects three times daily. He hasn't had too many side effects from that other than some mild nausea and tenderness around the injection sites. Our hope is that the sandostatin can work to keep his tumors stable and possible even decrease them, even though that is not what the drug is developed and marketed for. I know Teetlee is taking this same treatment, so if you have any advice or suggestions, or positive stories on this I am all ears.

Overall, Keith is doing really well. He's had a few days where he's felt under the weather, but overall he is doing really well. He still is working full time, and maintaining an active lifestyle. He is overall happy and positive. He is scared, as I think a lot of us are a lot of the time, but he is a fighter, and he is giving this fight 2000%.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been reading all the posts almost every day, but for some reason I can't seem to make myself post. I've started to reply to at least 100 messages, but I always wind up deleting it.

Lately I feel like I am losing my grip on my emotions, and I don't know why. I have been feeling sad, and there is no rhyme or reason to it. I just start crying out of the blue. I can't even remember thinking about anything, I'll just be going about business and all of a sudden tears. The next moment I am going on numbly and blank, almost forgetting that LC is in my life. I want to be here and share with my LCSC family, but I can't seem to find the words to express what it is that is going on.

I want to be here to support everyone, but I can't put into words anything lately it all seems inadequate, inept, and unsubstancial. I want to be able to do more and express more than I am able to get out with my words, and I get so depressed by that.

I just feel like I am on a D_mn rollercoaster. One week I'm up and the next I'm at the low point. I twist and plummet through curves and get thrown through loops. The end result is my mind is shaken and I have the equivalent of emotional nausea.

Anyway, I've gotten off track here a little. What started as a prayer request has turned into an update/whining session. I'm sorry for that. Although I was whining, do not pray for me, as I will be fine, and I do not wish to divert any of God's attention from those who truly need it.

I really would appreciate prayers for my husband. We just NEED so much for this to be an option. We WANT so much for there to be more hope and more options for us. I NEED him so much. He wants to live so much.

Please include him in your prayers and I as always have you all in mine.

Thank You, and God Bless,


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Hi Carleen,

Praying very hard for Keith and you. Hang in there guys. Peace, take care and God Bless.



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I will pray that your appointment goes well and that Keith

gets what he wants or you both want.

Sometimes we are the one that need the support other times

we give the support to others. Now you need support, take it

and later you will be able to help others.

God Bless


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Hope the appointment goes well. Also enjoy the trip south. We are getting really cold here in Minnesota, can't imagine our next door neighbors in Wisc. are that much warmer. New Orleans has got to be better. If you go by Slidell or Abita Springs wave to our friends there ( we lived in those towns) Let us know all about the trip and what the drs. have to say . We'll be waiting to hear. Donna G

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Honey Pie, all of us have plenty of prayers available and will say them for BOTH of you! It sounds like you are having some issues with depression to me. You need to get some help with that if it continues much longer. Minor situational depression can often spiral out of control into The Big D if not dealt with. And what you are dealing with is not a minor situation, and before you imply that you don't matter, you most certainly do! Keith needs you able to support him through this and you won't be able to do that as well if you are dealing with Depression.

Maybe I am reading things wrong, and if so I apologize, I am only speaking out of caring for you.

So prayers for both of you and take care



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I absolutely will pray for YOU and Keith...Please try and enjoy your life right now, its sounds as though Keith is feeling pretty good. Dont let what you think could happen get you down...I think you need to come here more so we can help lift your spirits.. Connie B will tell you she knows many survivors with sclc..

Try to remember back when Keith was feeling really bad, I know all you wanted was for him to feel good again. Now look at how far he has come from those days.

You know if you want Keith to fight this demon, you have to be strong as well. I know this has been brought up before, have you thought about anti depressants? If they would help you maybe you should consider them...I know they have helped many here....Please keep us informed, we worry about you and Keith..

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Oh, Carleen, surely you know that we don't expect everyone to be up to posting all the time.

I have had so many periods of time that I would do the SAME thing that you described. I would read a post and begin to reply, and the words just would not come. It was as if the emotion was so overwhelming that the words just were inadequate, or non existant.

Please know that you and Keith are in my thoughts and prayers on a regular basis, but a special prayer for his acceptance into this trial are on their way!

It is so great that Keith has been able to maintain an active lifestyle-if that ain't proof that he is a strong man and has alot to fight for, well then, I don't know what is!

Please keep us posted, WHEN YOU ARE UP TO IT, as for the rest of us, we are here for you, waiting...and don't feel obliged to always reply to posts, we know that you are around-and that you care. You have to take care of yourself and Keith. We're here whenever you need or are up to it.

Take care, and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Honey, all you have to do is ask. Of course I'll keep Keith in my prayers, tht this trip is successful.

If you could find a counselor specializing in families in medical trauma, I think it would help you quite a bit. Maybe antidepressants. Maybe both. It's hard to stay strong all the time for so long for Keith, I am sure.

And sometimes love alone isn't quite enough. Please be gentle and kind to yourself, and think about this. We love you, and the chronic stress over the long haul certainly takes its toll.

Blessings and prayers,


PS enjoy the trip as much as possible!!!

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Saying more prayers. God HAS to listen to us. Don't beat yourself up for feeling depressed, crying or whining. If we weren't sad, devestated, emotionally a wreck I guess we wouldn't be normal. I haven't seen a doctor for help yet, but I am considering it and I think with what we are all dealing with we shouldn't forget help is out their if everything crashes in on us.

Good luck in New Orleans!

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Will be saying big prayers for Keith, I pray that this will work for him. I think of you and Keith a lot and do pray for him. No one deserves this rotten disease but when you are so young and vital as he is, and too many others on the board, it is a million times worse. I wish we had more than words to give you but we don't. Just know that you are always in our prayers and thoughts, tell Keith he has a large group going with him on this trip in spirit (could get kind of crowded). Please keep us posted.


Bess B

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Carleen, I will say a special prayer for both of you.

What you are going through happens to many of us. It seems that at times it all catches up and we need good long crys. I know for me crys really help. I know I can carry on but a cry or two helps. Good luck in New Orleans.

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Oh Carlene Sweetie,

The reason you feel like your on a damn roller-coaster rides is because you ARE!! :(:( I would go to the moon if I thought it would take you and Keith and everyone here off that damn ride. Hang in there my dear, you'll get through this. It's not easy, but I think you can do it with great strength, grace and dignity. ((((((((((CARLENE))))))))))

Paryers are with you and Keith on your journey. I will be waiting to hear your uplifting news on how things go.

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I'm praying for your Keith...but I'm also praying for you.

God never divides His time listening to prayers...He multiplies. We can NEVER say them often enough -

I believe God understands our pain - personally and intimately. After all - He loved Keith enough to send His Son to die for him....How much more could God love him? And He loves you Carleen...even when you don't "feel it". Trust in that...no matter what happens, it is not for a lack of love and concern.

Many hugs and prayers coming your way....

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