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What boosts you into a good mood?


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This may be #7 on Everyday Health's website, yet it is number #1 on my list! There is nothing like a heated bathroom followed by a hot shower. What boosts your mood when you seem to be blue?

Take a Piping-Hot Shower

Ahhh — there’s nothing quite better than dipping into a warm, steamy bath. But the high temps may do more than just soothe you — research shows they can boost your mood and also fight loneliness.

The Yale University study surveyed 51 students about their levels of loneliness and everyday habits, concluding that some people use physical warmth (like hot showers and roasting cups of coffee) as a substitute for social warmth.

“People have a need for emotional warmth and affection,” says Raja. “When this comes in the form of hugging and touching, our basic needs can be met. When it is not, taking showers and baths that also increase body temperature can subsequently improve our mood. So, compared to emotional warmth, physical warmth seems to cause similar body and brain responses, and that’s good news for mood management!”



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Ben and Jerry ice cream, a comfy chair on a deck with warmth in winter and of course a LONGG TALK with the big guy upstairs.. all at same time....

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