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What day is it?


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It's my new thing. Get used to it. Every Wednesday- What DAY is IT?

Not "hump" day, but "happy" day.

What's your happy today?

I will admit I don't have a lot of "happy" today. It's the anniversary of my mom's death today...which always makes me broody and sad. I sure miss her and my dad. And seeing the post in the general forum by Lilly and her public frustration- well, that just sunk my heart too. You see I SEE everything behind the scenes, even if you guys don't. There are SO many people here reading, even if they don't reply. We are getting tons of phone calls and emails everyday from people who read the message boards but they want one on one support or they want to join on facebook or they want to come to a HOPE Summit and meet people face to face. People need different things and luckily we offer many ways to support people. My hope is that people who choose to come back here will be a shining light for those in the dark...contribute something to help make the day brighter for someone else- even if it's a photo or a joke or a thought provoking question.

OR a silly post once a week titled, WHAT DAY IS IT.

It's "Name your Happy Day"

What's your happy today. Mine is having banana and cheese for breakfast. My son's smile this morning because he passed his driving test last night and got his license! My husband's goofy new dog that follows ME everywhere and I'm allergic to dogs! That's a few things I'm happy for today...

What about you?


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