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LUNGevity's commitment to research


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Our Commitment to Research

LUNGevity Foundation is proud to be the largest lung cancer-focused private funder of research in the United States.

Since 2002, LUNGevity-funded scientific research projects have totaled more than $16 million. This represents an investment in 100 projects at 56 institutions in 23 states.

Whether we are supporting early-career scientists or established researchers, we work with top lung cancer experts to identify and fund promising and innovative research into the early detection and targeted treatment of lung cancer.

You can help. Invest in research now or learn about other ways of supporting LUNGevity.

Our Funding Mission

We fund research to:

Expedite the development of an effective early detection strategy to find all lung cancers while they are still localized and treatable, in order to prevent lung cancer-related death

Identify therapeutic agents that provide customized genetic intervention for lung cancer, in order to extend patients’ lives and improve quality-of-life post-diagnosis

Get Informed

The government isn't focused on funding lung cancer research.

Tobacco settlement money isn't funding lung cancer research.

Take Action

With your help, promising research will get a much-needed boost to reduce lung cancer mortality.

Donate today. You can make a difference and get us one breath closer to the end of lung cancer.

http://events.lungevity.org/site/PageSe ... 2_Research


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