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Hi all,

glad to see some posts on the board today. I am gearing up for a conference next week and I am so swamped! Not sleeping well and really up to my ears with action items to do that I am going to not be around too much the next week- Just wanted to thank those who are posting.

I'll post pics from the upcoming Regional Dallas Summit next week and shortly after I'll be opening the registration for the National HOPE Summit in Washington DC in May. there will be some travel grants available for that one.

I hope all of you surviving LC on this board will come. Would be great to give you a hug face to face. And they are incredible conferences!

Hope you have an amazing day---what's the weather like in your neck of the woods today?

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Katie - hope all goes great for you next week and I'll be looking forward to seeing the pictures.

The sun finally came out yesterday, and I understand we are supposed to get a few more days of it. YAY!!!!! I can't help but be happy - but unfortunately the downside is that they are warning of forest fires, which is unheard of in January. We desperately need rain, and I would not mind the rain - I've just had it with this depressing, gloomy fog. And it's been so cold!! It seems really strange that it has been so warm (almost 80) just a couple hours south where Lillian lives. But at least we aren't fighting blizzards like the east coast is.

Ever since I had pneumonia in Dec, I've needed to use my oxygen a lot more. Getting used to using the oxygen in public has been hard for me. Not really sure why - but it just has so I've kind of been hibernating in the house. Had tickets to see a production of Mama Mia on Tuesday, but knew I'd have to use my oxygen or stay home. Sad to say, I would probably have stayed home but I was going with a friend and couldn't let her down so me and my oxygen bottle went anyway. I was sure people would be staring at me etc., but I don't think I got even one look. No one paid a bit of attention to me or my O2 - it was great! Now I feel like I can go anywhere and feel good about it. (Wonder why we worry about these things to begin with :? ).

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Good morning everyone. Katie it sounds like your gonna be a very busy girl. Make sure you eat your Cheerios and get plenty of sleep. Diane, I so can relate to what you are saying about wearing oxygen in public. Altho I am only on it at bedtime so far, I know that if I am blessed to live long enough that I will most likely be on it 24/7. I quess its my ego or false pride that I don't want people to see me on it. I have a class reunion in Sept. and Im not sure if I will even attend because I see all the healthy ones and I quess I worry about what they think. I quess it goes back to the old stigma of smoking and lung cancer. Even tho I know many non smokers also get it I still think most relate the two and mine did come from smoking. Supposed to have a high of 15 degrees today but its a sunny day and that always seems to help. I been sitting out walnuts for the squirrels all winter and I think I better slow down on it. I looked out the window this morning and there were 5 of them in my back yard waiting for me. I do get a kick out of watching them tho.

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Good afternoon. It sure is nice to see people posting. Katie you just amaze me with all that you do. So many owe so much to you. I know today you are working hard for all of the upcoming events. I always enjoy looking at the pictures you post and seeing the people who I know only by name.

Diane it is hard to believe that you have been that cool. We have had record breaking temperatures all through January and one day we had a little mist. I won't even call it rain. When we had that 5 inches of snow in December I thought this would be a wet year but boy was I wrong. We have had only about 15 % of our normal rain. Today it has been really windy and that with the dry conditions always poses a fire danger. There are so many little communities tucked back in the hills around here and it is really scary. I loved living in French Gulch but am sure glad I don't have that worry as much as I used to. There is a large lot next to me that has a lot of trees and dead grass. Homeless camp there a lot during the winter. Never bothered me before but with the dry conditions it does now.

I keep hoping that the lady I spoke to from Hospice will talk her boyfriend into coming here for support. His mom has LC and she said he is having a very hard time handling it. I wrote it all down for her so hope he will at least come and read.

My nephew went to the doctor yesterday and he will be having surgery soon. He has a spot in his lung that has grown quite a bit in a few months. The doctor is thinking that it could be either fungus or cancer. He had a PET scan and nothing lit up. Also doctor says there is nothing anywhere else showing. Because we live in the Sacramento Valley he, my nephew, has grabbed hold of the idea that it is fungus. They really won't know until surgery is done. If it is fungus the will remove a wedge of his lung, if it is cancer it will be a lobe. I will keep you updated and ask for prayers for him. His mom died three years ago the day after tomorrow. Ten months later his sister died of pneumonia. Our family has really been hit hard in that area and we don't need to go through more but it is God's will and I pray his will says fungus even knowing how bad that can be. Take care all and keep posting. I have tried to read a few posts to get up to date with new people will do more as I can.

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