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How long do most wait for scan results?


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I usually wait a week after the scans/blood tests to hear from my oncologist...BUT, if my general practitioner is in and has a heads up, I can get the results within two days.

They DON'T get the results right away, it's a tech that takes the pictures, they have to be "read" by someone else. My GP can get the oral report before it's even typed up - neat, huh?

Patience is a virtue, and I don't mind having to wait as long as I get what I want RIGHT NOW... :wink:

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At the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, and at the Marshfield Clinic, Marshfield, WI, I always got the scan results on the same day as the scan. Usually when I get scanned, I have an appointment following with my oncologist.

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Thanks for the responses. I learned the real deal---if necessary the results can come quickly, it just depends on how busy they are and willingness to take the time to get back to you.

I like how the Wisconson Cancer Center does, there is no need to make people wait when we are so on edge.

My dad asked the scan place if they could do a "wet and dirty" preliminary report to dr. Thtey asked if the dr requested it. My dad was honest and said "no, but I do, i am about to have a meltdown". They said they would try, they usually do it only by dr request. My dad called the oncologist office and left a message for the physician assistant. She is a sweet girl and called my parents at 6:30 tonight to let them know that preliminary says some shrinkage in both areas--lung and lymph; no evidence of cancer elsewhere. But we really won't know exactly what this means , or if this is accurate or measurements until the appt on Fri.

However, I do feel a bit relieved :)

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