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Monday's Air


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Hi guys! How was your weekend?

Mike, did you get off your recliner and do something this weekend?

Lily, how did poker night go?

Is it still warm by you Diane?

We had 65-70 degree weekend and now it's 30 degrees. Such weird temp swings we are having here in Dallas!

What going on in your neck of the woods?

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Hi Katie and everyone. I tried to post this morning but it wouldn't post then I lost it. I didn't have time to try again.

We play poker keno every Friday afternoon, It is a board game played with cards and you play like bingo but if two people win at once whoever has the highest poker hand wins. We play for pennies just to make it fun.

Our weather has been record breaking both with high temperatures and dryness. Today was about 2 degrees cooler and there is a slight chance of rain over night. The good news is that the system that has been keeping the rain away is breaking down. All of the lakes around here are down to about 25% capacity and much of that water goes into the valley to help grow the fruits and vegetables that a large part of our country depends on.

I keep busy all of the time. I have several projects that I am trying to finish before my trip to Louisiana in March. Those added to all of the activities here that I seem to have ended up in charge of or at least participate in there is not much time for anything else. I did write a couple of stories and some of my friends who have read them say that I need to try and get them published but not sure I want to do all it takes for that.

Well I hope everyone is staying warm. I know many of you are in the deep freeze this winter. We have been on the opposite side of that no rain or snow and very warm. At any rate stay safe and warm and post when you can. Katie hope that you have a great turn out.

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Had a nice weekend here. Did anyone else watch the Grammys? Sees like they had a few old timers on there trying to boost the viewers. You know your getting older when you don't know any of the songs and artists up for the awards. I enjoyed it but three and a half hours is a bit to much. Havent seen Bruce or Eric on here for awhile. I hope they and all the others are still doing ok. Have a nice Tuesday everyone.

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