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What.Day.Is.It Air


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Good evening everyone,

The weather has warmed up nicely here in Dallas to a blistering 45. :)

Warning vent ahead: My husband has not fixed our pool pump all winter nor has called a repair company. So for the last 3 months I have had to hear what sounds like Chewbacca going on a tangent everyday, every minute the temps fall below 40. :roll:

Other than that, the blue jay's were still flying around in front of my window & I got to see my daughter for her lunch time for the first time this year. She appreciated that. We both enjoyed chicken nuggets, peas and an unlimited salad bar.

How was your day?

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Can't say it's warm here today, but definitely warmer than it was. I think it was supposed to make it up into the 50s, but I don't think it did. Still - well above freezing. Raining too, which is a good thing.

I actually got some work accomplished today, which feels good. Am watching one of my grandsons this evening, but he is currently occupied with watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so it gives me a minute. He just turned 4 and is getting pretty good at playing games, etc. We've been having a really good time.

I have tickets to see Abbey Road tomorrow night - hope it's good.

Have a great evening - those of you who have any evening left that is :)

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Hi Cindy,its today of course,silly.

I think I had whats called a sabbatical,gosh it has been a while since I have last posted,or even visited.You never left my mind though everyone.So many sad losses recently Ashleigh down under,Penny,two weeks ago I got a call telling me George from our Stobhill LC Support Group had collapsed at home,we were told initially he had a stroke,he was taken to hospital but it was later discovered his LC had spread to his brain,he was transferred to the Marie Curie Hospice building within the grounds of Stobhill Hospital,he passed away last Monday,I am glad I got to see him the Saturday prior,I attended his funeral service yesterday,we have lost a valued member of our group.

Well I have been busying myself,what a strange winter we are having in the UK ?,South of England all we hear about on the news is widespread flooding of peoples homes and businesses,also being cut off from their electricity supplies,I do feel so sorry for those people affected.Here in my neck of the woods,winter seems to have passed us by? I think since November I have only scraped the frost from my windscreen on only one occassion,as for snow? we should have has several falls by now?-nothing,think there has been some in the north of Scotland to keep the skiers happy.I have seen the reports of the extreme weather North America has been getting recently,gosh its practically tropical here by comparison.

Today I got news that our long awaited SIGN report has been published,I posted the link here today,it does take a bit of reading LOL.By co-incidence I was contacted by the Cochrane Collaboration this afternoon,no I dont know much about them myself,but they have sent me a link to their organisation to read up on them.Its a worldwide network looking at various types of cancer treatments and to collate the effectiveness of these treatments,I have been asked to join a group of people based in the UK,France and the USA,I think I have to review reports and make comments on them ? I will keep you posted,my group is entirely focused on lung cancer.

I am still frequenting the friendship and dating sites,its fun,bit of a merry go round,I thought with my dashing good looks,charm,wit and personality would have women stampeding to my front door,alas it just did'nt happen,I've had about three dates I have met with,but nothing quite worked out.I have a little saying "I would have loved to have been a ladykiller-but you know women,they are so fickle".

Gosh look at the time,sorry folks,its indoor bowls time,must dash,I will get back tonight.

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Hi Everyone I am back,bet you cannot even see the join.

Just home from the indoor bowls,we were beaten by 13-10,a close run thing,anyway as they say,its the taking part that counts-cue fixed grin.Such an enjoyable game,seems to attract the most pleasant and curteous of people,ok dont ask me why I attend.Next time you visit Scotland I will take you to my club for a game.

News from my home front,Sally has settled into her new home,albeit,still complaining she hates living on her own,I do what I can for her,visiting daily,taking her shopping,usually once a week we go to a local restaurant for lunch.My daughter Jennifer is teaching English full time in a Glasgow Secondary School (In Scotland for pupils aged between 12-18)she is really enjoying herself,she has been selected to take 6 pupils to Malawi in Africa in June this year for 3 weeks,Scotland has strong links with Malawi since Victorian times,its where Dr David Livingstone lived and worked.

I am still working at front of House in Airdrie and Motherwell Theatres,also continuing in my advocate role with the Roy Castle LC Foundation,I recently attended the relaunch of the Detect Cancer Early Campaign in Scotland,my story is in the infro booklet produced with Sir Alex Ferguson on the front cover (both his parents died of lung cancer).

Well thats about it ,still doing my gymming swimming and yoga-ing each morning with my buddies,not thats it all exercise,we do blether a bit too,in fact some mornings more blethers than exercise.

I hope you are are well and that you have all avoided the worst of the winter weather I have been watching on our TV news progs from the USA.

Goodnight everyone,bye for now.

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