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Hi everyone! Texas warmed up here nicely for a few days last week; however, we are now looking at highs to stay near 32 today. Slightly chilly. The Texas team were supposed to travel to Chicago today but due to the expected weather the Chicago office cancelled our trip for our safety. So Texas is where we will stay and resume our normal days.

How is your week going?

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Well, here I am with my half-healed broken ankle again! Getting a bit better each day and am able to walk some. I tried walking without the velcro boot and it was NOT a good idea so I was down for a couple days. I hope to be able to walk out the door....get in my car....and drive by the end of February. Wish me luck will ya?

Weather here is that nasty snow again. I believe we got well over a foot of it in the last 24 hrs with more on the way. We use propane for heating in our home and the cost jumped from 99 cents a gallon to $5.50 in just the past two weeks. They say there is a shortage but I did some research and found that it's less than $2 in our neighboring state of Missouri....so who knows! Anyway, we purchased a wood burning stove to put into the basement. Russ will be picking it up on Friday and hopefully we'll have it going before the end of the week end.

Well, gotta get back and read some of the past posts I've missed since being away. Have a great day!

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High of 8 here today and no warm up in site. Cindy. I have a friend who just visited the Alamo and said he was disappointed. Said it was much smaller than he expected. Michelle, I hope you quick and a successful healing on your ankle. My wife broke hers a few years ago and has mended up nicely.I get tired of the cold weather but it wont be long and we will be in tornado watches and those things scare the heck out of me.

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