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Thursday air : I smell love!


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Happy Thursday everyone!

Well it got cooler today in Dallas! It snowed. They said it would be a "light dusting" which to me means like dust you might see in your house if you didn't dust for a MONTH! No. This was about an inch. Well I freaked out and picked up my children early. Last time we were to only get "a little" sleet the entire city was under a sheet of ice that trapped us in our homes for days. So oh well, I took them out this time and the meteorologist was actually right THIS time. I'm attaching a pic of the first snowman I've ever made with my children. The eyes are from a halloween pumpkin mr. Potato Head set & the mouth is a strip of fabric. My kids had a blast scraping all the snow off of the ground to make this happen! That was a moment for the memory bank. :mrgreen:

LOVE is the air I hear. I didn't even realize Valentines day was so close until Monday I was told to bring drinks for my kids party at school. Drinks are easy. I can do that. I'm thinking of a juice pouch with heart stickers. Looks creative, not too much effort. Done. 8)

I'm taking the day off tomorrow, so who wants to post the Friday air? :D

Has anyone checked out any of the other posts I've made this week? In the other forums?

Tell me what's going on with you? What are your plans this weekend?


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