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Monday air!


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Thank you Diane for opening the Friday air!!

I'm not sure why your son didn't listen to you about the chains. I bet he will from now on. Has he been able to retrieve his vehicle since he parked it? So the prednisone makes you jumpy? What does your Doctor say about that? I would call until you could get a change that will be comfortable for you.

Lilyjohn, will you still be in the same city as you are now?

It's cool here again, with dark clouds and freezing drizzle. Is it just me or do the dark clouds make it hard to stay energized?

I hope you both & everyone who reads this will have an AWESOME Monday!


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You're right Cindy - it is going to be an AWESOME Monday!!!

Portland had another storm, so my son's car is still sitting. Portland has lots of hills, and black ice is always a major problem when they have storms - so if you live on one of those hills (my son does), it can be almost impossible to get your car in or out - yourself too for that matter :). The paper this morning said our temperature was going to be almost 50 . . . I can live with that! Speaking as an Oregonian who is very familiar with dark clouds and drizzle -- you are right - they can suck the energy right out of you. I keep all my lights on, and burn the fireplace when I can -- music helps too - and the company of the dogs as well! And my favorite - lunch with friends . . .

I think my doctor is tired of listening to me whine about the Prednisone. I've been told that there is nothing else that will do the same thing and I just have to get my dose as low as possible - but I'll never get off of it. "It is what it is" as they say . . . I just have days when acceptance seems to come harder than on other days.

Lily - I hope you have a wonderful trip to see your family this year. Drop in when you can and let us know what you're up to back there.

Well I'm off to enjoy my AWESOME Monday!

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Hello all from Minnesota.

We have had 41 days so far below zero.

Tomorrow morning we start at -14 degrees fahrenheit.

the weather man says there is good news coming. We may even get to 30 degrees this week!

I am telling you it really hurts to breath when it is so far below zero.

Relief is coming, hurray !!!!!!!

Donna G

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