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eric byrne

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dGood Morning Everyone,

Beautiful sunny morning here in Airdrie,everything loooks so springlike out my study window.Just about to head out to ABC,then on to Glasgow to visit my wee sister Dot's, the grandkids will be there too,its it a fun and games afternoon,boggle,triominos and playing cards.

If you did'nt know I had my last 6 monthly check up after 5 years of attending Monklands Hospital,I did'nt get to see my usual consultant for these occassions,oh no,I got the top of the house,the senior consultant no less,I think its a arrangement reserved for the last check up patients?.Anyway,he discussed my progress from the outset of my treatments and finally said Eric we do have some successes with this disease and you are one of them,I can say with confidence,you are cured,I dont want to see you again,now off you go.We shook hands and said goodbye.

I received a letter from a research group called synexus,they organise clinical trials for a wide range of subjects,I was invited by them a few years ago to be tested as a suitable subject for a clinical trial on prostate cancer,as it turned out they could'nt use me,apparently I was too healthy for them.The letter I received was a clinical trial for a new drug for patients with COPD.Well I went along on Wednesday last,went through some tests,blood pressure,lung function test,at the end of which,I was told I did'nt have COPD,in fact nurse doing the lung function test said my results were very comparable to her results.She gave me some papers with all sorts of information on them,including some graphs of my lung tests to pass onto my GP.She said there may be other studies coming up in the near future,if I were prepared to volunteer,no problem.I like the idea of being monitored for a few years free of charge.

My birthday is coming up shortly in May,since it is 65th my daughter wanted me to make it something special.Co-incidentally I am on the mailing list for Glasgows newest venue the Hydro,I found Cirque Du Soleil were performing there on the very day of my birthday,so 3 tickets booked.My daughter Jennifer just loves this group and has seen them before,she was quite trilled when I told her she,boyfriend and myself are booked.

Got to go now,enjoy the rest of the weekend,bye.

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