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How agressive should my dr. be ?

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Hello i am 34 years old and have small cell.(limited stage) I have just finished my second round of treatments and am wondering if my dr, is being agressive enough with this.I am currently taking vp-16 carboplatin and cisplatin 3 times a week every 3 weeks.I am sceduled for a ct scan (chest ) on may 7 and i am scheduled to start my other treatments may 14.I had a chest x ray on april 3 and it showed signifigant tumor shrinkage since starting chemo.I feel the effects of the chemo but they are tolerable so far.I also am feeling much better on most days.The pain has subsided also.Am i wrong for wanting to really go after this more aggressively? What if my dr. disagrees?I really feel in my heart that to go aggressively is the way we should do this.I have recieved some feedback on this issue and from what i have gathered it is best to be as agressive as possible.I also cant help but to think my age will help me in my battle.If there is anyone anywhere who knows of anyone my age with small cell or that has had this at my age please let me know.I dont know what the odds wrere that i get this but i want to beat all the other " odds" that are out there.Any feedback concerning these things will be appreciated.There is just so many questions and i feel that this board is the best place to get the info i need to be able to ask tough questions.

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The question is what do YOU think you should do? If you don't agree with a doctor find another one. After all the reading and different opinions from doctors, it is ultimately your choice.

You know yourself the best. Just get informed as much as you feel is necessary or want. Then get treatment and in Dave's words KICK *ss

Take care.

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Are you getting 3 different chemo meds? That's already more agressive than my treatments and it sounds like things are going well. Just ask him about referral for radiation. There are varying opinions on when is the best time to start, but I felt like I had to push things along in that area, I was anxious like you, to do all that I could. It is important that you have faith in your doctor. Any other health problems you have will affect the treatment plan - they don't want to kill you with the cure. Stay positive and learn all you can.


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Bart -

I agree with what everyone else has said, and by all means look for another doctor if you're not happy with yours.

But in addition, keep in mind that your treatments, chemo and radiation, have culmulative effects. Chemo by itself, knocks you down a little further each time (because you're starting the next cycle with lower blood counts and such). Radiation for 6 weeks........you probably won't feel anything until after the 3rd or 4th week.

So don't feel that they aren't being aggressive just because you don't feel like crap right now! LOL!

Best of luck to you - and keep us posted,


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