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Coping in Cold with Lung Cancer


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The cold and winds of winter can be annoying even if you're healthy. But if lung cancer and it's treatments leave you short of breath or immunosuppressed, the cold can be downright dangerous. How can you protect yourself from the elements until spring arrives? Here's a few tips.

Don a scarf. - Wearing a scarf not only keeps you warmer, but can be pulled up over your mouth and nose thus warming the air that passes into your and lungs.

Think of alternatives to going outside. Are there grocery stores that deliver in your area? Do you have a friend who can pick up the dry-cleaning?

Don't leave the house with a wet head. Yes, your mother probably told you that you'd get pneumonia, and she was partly right. 45% of heat loss is through the head, and a wet head hastens this process.

Dress in layers. Cancer and cancer treatments can affect your bodies "thermostat." It's a lot easier to remove clothing when you are away from home, than to find extra clothing.

Wash your hands often and avoid crowds if your immune system isn't up to par. Cold weather also means that flu season is upon us. The number one thing you can do to lower your risk is careful hand washing.

Be extra careful if you have peripheral neuropathy from chemotherapy. If your fingers or toes feel numb to begin with you may not notice the beginning signs of frostbite.


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