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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its early,just gone 6.30am here,I woke up earlier,could'nt sleep, the birds outside my bedroom window certainly consider it spring,what a racquet,keep the noise down guys.I have never known a winter like it,no ice or snow in the West of Scotland,however more rain than usual.

Good to hear from you Bruce,hope spring will come along shortly for you in your neck of the woods.

I am still busy following my daily gym routines,I dont remember if I shared with you,about meeting a lady member at the swimming pool,she mentioned to me that she attends a Scottish Country Dancing class on a Friday afternoon,she was lamenting the group was now down to having only one male,would I consider coming along?.In Scotland there is a tradition for teaching Scottish dancing in Secondary Schools going back probably a couple of centuries.The pupils would be taught dances like the dashing white sargeant,strip the willow,military two step,the gay gordons (before gay took on a new meaning LOL),and many others.Our training,led to the Christmas Dance each year held in the School hall,I remember the music was provided by a wind up gramaphone player would you believe?,so at the start of a dance like dashing white sargeants,it was mayhem,we always tried to sweep the girls literally off their feet as we spun round,then the gramaphone would start to run down,music now at a fraction of its previous speed,teacher now frantically winding up the player again,great fun.Well Fridays I have lunch with my gym buddies,following the yoga class at noon,the dance class is held in a hall,just across the car park form our restaurant,class starts at 1.45pm until 3.45pm,so it fits comfortably with my schedule,anyway,I was thinking,all these ladies and only one other man? maybe I will find someone attractive and unattached?.I was first to arrive,soon everyone appeared,I was made so welcome,would I like to participate or merely observe,well in for a penny in for a pound I decided to take the plunge.I tell you this is hard work both physically and mentally,boy these women are amazons,I thought with all my gymming this class would be a dawdle,but no,trying to keep up and follow the flow of the movements is so difficult,thank goodness they have a break for refreshments at 3pm,to get my breath back.I tell you,if you want to get fit physically and mentally and lose some lbs,find out where your local Scottish Country Dancing Class is being held,phew.Oh by the way,regretfully,there were no attractive and unattached ladies attending.

I have continued on my friendship and dating site,I met this new lovely person,we met at 3pm last Saturday,we went to Airdries best restaurant-Guidies-its Italian,despite its hugh size,it was absolutely packed,we were lucky to get a table, a nice spot in the conservatory area,we spent over three hours,eating and chatting,it went really well,when we left I suggested a wee drive over to view my home since it was only a mile or so away,getting there,I asked if (Liz) would like to come in for a wine or coffee,to my surprise she said yes.She was given the tour (excluding the bedrooms LOL) we then sat and chatted until after 10pm,remarkable the conversation just flowed naturally,no akward pregnant silences.I drove her to Airdrie Station she had parked her car there in its car park.She exited my car,without even offering a wee peck on the cheek?.However,we have arranged to meet up on Friday evening,we will share a meal,then into the Showcase Cinema to see a film highly recommended to me by a friend called "The Book Thief".

No gym this morning,I am running my daughters boyfriend Chris to a town just outside the south of Glasgow,he is filming a wedding there from about 2pm,this is a new venture he has begun,I have seen the previous weddings he has covered,they are so professional,I wish him every success,he deserves it since he works so hard.

Time to go,gosh its 7.40am I have been typing this for over an hour,think I will go back to bed until about 9am.Bye everyone,enjoy your Wednesday,what ever you have planned.

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