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Monday Air


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So sorry about bringing a new ride as the party bus. Unfortunately I wasn't around when the original started. I was just trying to get the party started. 8)

Does anyone have a photo of the bus?

Diane, don't worry you aren't late to the party. I haven't found our ride yet. It's like when you go to the mall...and you forgot where you parked. I'm searching the parking lot. Stay tuned.

Happy Monday!

Joke alert:


who's there?


Irish, who?

Irish you a Happy Saint Patrick's day!

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Now that is more like it Ms Texas. I think you provided pictures of our old bus as well so thanks for helping Cindy out.

You know I think I even recognize a few members on your bus !!! Eric provided alot of the entertainment and I am sure that he is in the plaid shirt. I know that you are there as well Katie....now if only you were standing on the seat so that we could see you. LOL sorry, payback for the smelly feet remark.

Now who is jumping on the bus first and where are we headed? I think it should be Cindy. The first person buy's the beverages and since she has saved money from using that fancy limo, she can afford it. All aboard everyone's is welcome.

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