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Celebrating National Celery Month!

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Celebrating National Celery Month!

Meals to Heal

By Marissa Lubin

Celery is often an under-appreciated vegetable and doesn’t get much attention in the shadows of powerhouses like kale and broccoli. But, celery has some amazing health benefits that should not go unnoticed! Celery has both a high water content and a ton of insoluble fiber, which, together, help promote normal digestion and keep you full. It also has several antioxidants and protects against inflammation in the digestive system. Plus, it has an amazing crunch and is the perfect snack. Remember snacking on celery with peanut butter & raisins as a kid (or as I used to call it, “ants on a log”)? Here are some grown up ways to bring back that childhood favorite and integrate celery into your diet.

For the traditionalist:

❖ 4-inch celery sticks

❖ Almond butter

❖ Red grapes

❖ Cinnamon

Top each celery stick with 1 teaspoon almond butter, 2 halved grapes, and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

A Mediterranean Twist:

❖ 4-inch celery sticks

❖ Hummus

❖ Olives, tomatoes, or other toppings

❖ Chili powder (optional)

Top each celery stick with 1 teaspoon hummus, chopped olives and tomatoes, and a sprinkle of chili powder.

http://meals-to-heal.com/blog/celebrati ... ery-month/


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