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Monday Air


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Hi everyone!

How was your weekend?

Diane, the dog is driving the party bus, lol! Katie is on board, she's over there in a seat planning the National Hope Summit on one of her cool hand held devices. :)

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and cindy is making the margaritas SUPER strong so Bruce will surf the bus..

we will need to swing to the carolinas and pick up Randy...he has been just working way too hard lately...

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Sorry I couldn't hear you guys, the blender was on. Here we go to the Carolinas to get Randy!

Pedal to the metal dog!

Someone text him that we are on our way there and we are just going to honk our horn that sounds like the Mexican Hat song (click this to hear it


WHO wants Sangria's?!

(Cindy starts the blender again, OH NO, she forgot to put the lid on!)

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Lol – so sorry about the mess Cindy – hope Bruce doesn’t walk through it with his bare feet!

After Randy we need to swing over to Louisiana and get Lillian – bet she can whip up some killer Nachos.

Still waiting for my margarita . . .

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