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Wednesday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful spring morning here in the West of Scotland,still a bit on the cool side though.Gosh I have been absent for quite a while here,sorry about that.Wonderful to hear the big bus is on the move again,and about time too,if you could arrange to pick me up at Airdrie Cross that would be fine,if not Glasgow can suit just as well,I will of course bring all the necessary provisions with me,some cases O' the amber nectar,Barrs Irn Bru (hangover cureall) not forgetting some haggis,better bring some change of clothing too,just to be on the safe side.

Well I have been so neglectful of the normal routine things in my life recently,in fact my life has been turned upside down since I have met this wonderful new girl.Her name is Liz,we have been dating for about a month now,so my life has been one whirlwind of eating out,cinemas,10 pin bowling,which I have to add,she is just brilliant at,she crushes me every time we play,I have been trying to introduce her to my game of indoor bowls,so far without success.We get on so well,share many similar interests.Liz lost her long term partner to COPD a couple of years ago,and is now looking for someone to share the good things in life with,well fingers crossed I hope to fill that spot.

I continue to provide carers support for Sally,Liz is a retired practice nurse although she has a part time consultancy post visiting care homes to make hygiene inspections and compile reports to advise on making improvements.Liz is determined that I relinquish my carers role to have it passed onto a more professional support infrastructure for Sally,so I am attending a meeting with Sally this morning at 11am to meet with her two support teams,ie, the Airdrie Health Centre Addiction Team and her councilling team from Meridian.The aim is to discuss how Sally can be better supported in coping with her everyday needs,I certainly feel that my support is not meeting her needs,I do think after over twenty years of caring for Sally,its time I retired and found a new life for myself,which I can be comfortable in,provided I know sally is being well cared for.

I really must dash,I do wish you all a super Wednesday,I will drop in later,to give you an update of my meeting.Byee.

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Eric! Nice to see you here. I'm so happy for you that you met Liz. She sounds great! Good luck at your meeting I look forward to hearing how it goes.

Alright who's still on the PARTY BUS?!

Katie - is having a silly willy day

Cindy - is cleaning/mopping that spilled sangrita out the back door...

Bruce - ???

Diane - is sipping on a footlong margarita


We are looking out for Randy (is on pastry duty), Lillian (she's on nacho duty), Michelle you too! Who else wants a ride?

All aboard! We are headed to Airdrie Cross to pick up Eric!

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Hey Cindy

I'm here in the back of the bus waiting for Eric and his cases of Amber Nectar .

After watching Kaite's silly willy video please do not let her drive , I'll take my chances on the dog !!!

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