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Cancer Breath Samples Needed


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Cancer Breath Samples Needed for Cancer Detection Dog Training.

Cancerdogs.ca has developed a low-cost, non-invasive general cancer screening method that uses a simple surgical mask and dogs specially trained to detect the bio-chemical traces of cancer present in exhaled breath. They are currently conducting trials with Chicago Firefighters. To continue their training and research Cancerdogs.ca requires breath samples from cancer patients who have not begun treatment. If you know someone who has been recently diagnosed with any type of cancer and has not begun treatment please ask them to contact Cancerdogs.ca to donate breath samples. Cancerdogs.ca will send a breath sample kit to anywhere in North America. The kit will contain a consent form, instructions, a return envelope and six surgical masks. All that’s required is that each mask is worn for 5 minutes while breathing normally. The sample collection process takes just over 30 minutes.


Glenn Ferguson




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