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Tuesday Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have actually found some time on my own this afternoon,so thought I could use it to share some time with my LCSC friends.

Since last Monday,the West of Scotland has enjoyed an unbroken spell of fantastic weather,sunny blue skies every day and really warm.My romance with my new friend Liz continues,we have been together every day for nearly six weeks,she is a keen gardener and a bit of a slave driver to boot,she has had me pressure washing my mono-block drive and my yorkstone patio at the back of my house,not content with that,I have now started to paint the perimeter fence around my house,Liz is no couch potato,she has joined in all these activities,plus cutting my lawn and weeding.

Its not all been work and no pleasure last week,Liz took me for a drive down to Turnberry on the Ayrshire coast,she used to own a house down there,just next to the golf course,she used to rent her house out when the open was played there,she could earn £6000 rent for just two weeks.We visited her house,the new owners were at home and were pleased to show me around,we spend a very pleasant afternoon with them.Liz had booked the Wildings Restaurant for a meal for us,its right on the beach just next door to Turnberry,frequented by many famous golfers,we shared a super meal,I had a salmon salad starter,followed by a duck dish,which Liz also chose,delicious,we finished with a ginger sponge and sauce sweet,oh boy,bang went my diet again.

Liz lost her long term partner a couple of years ago to COPD,she had bought some flowers and we went to the local church cemetery to place them on Jims grave.The cemetery itself is in a very beautiful location,the view from his resting place is simply stunning,the lovely blue skies and sun added to the scenery.I did take some photos,which are really nice.

This area of Ayrshire has many outstanding places to visit,the Robert Burns Cottage and centre,I have yet to visit Culzean Castle in the area,so this was an opertunity for me,Liz's local knowledge,told me,if you enter the Castle grounds at the front,you have to pay for the admission of your car plus each occupant,however,if you enter from the rear,leaving your car in the car park outside at the rear of the castle grounds,you can enter the castle free of charge,yes I know,strange?,but there it is,so folks if you ever come to Bonnie Scotland and Culzean Castle is on your internary,remember my tip.As it turned out,we did'nt actually get to the castle from the rear,the castle grounds cover quite an area,by the time we had reached the duck pond and playground area,Liz's three dogs were quite tired,the castle still about a mile further on,we decided to just stop and enjoy a well earned rest and take in the scenery.Next time we visit it will be without the dogs.Incidentally Dwight D. Eisenhower was gifted a room in Culzean Castle in recognition of his services to Scotland during WW11,which he did enjoy taking advantage of.If you want to see how spectacular Culzean Castle is,I can recommend you give it a wee google.

Yesterday Liz and I spent a lovely day at the Robert Owen World Heritage Site,again the weather was just beautiful,I had visited this site last year and posted my pics into facebook and here I think?.Robert Owen was a mill owner in the 18th Centuary with a difference,he ensured all his workers were well looked after,providing them with good quality housing,schools and healthcare,he also allowed them every Sunday off and two days holidays a year,an amazing concession at this time in Scottish History.

Today,is overcast,but quite warm,spring is well established,I am just waiting for Liz to arrive to spend some more time with me,now what will I make for dinner ?,think I will go downstairs now and have a look in the fridge.

Enjoy the rest of Tuesday everyone,bye.

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Eric - great to hear from you and thank you for opening the air! Sounds to me like you and Liz are a great pair and seem to enjoy so many of the same things. I could not be happier for you.

Our weather here has been wonderful as well, although the rain is back this week. It is supposed to snow in the mountains, so that's a good thing as it has been too dry and without the snowpack wildfires are a much bigger problem. Last summer I was stuck in the house for weeks because of the fires - so I'm hoping for clearer air this year. We are planning a cross-country road trip this summer. It's been 40 years since we've done that and I am really excited. The hard part is deciding where to go - there are soooo many choices!

Had my follow-up appointment with my oncologist this morning, and I have now graduated to seeing her every 6 months instead of 3, and for the time being no more scans unless there seems to be a reason - or I feel I need one. Hooray!!!

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