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Well late as usual . . .

Cindy, I have been trying to solve your joke all day . . . my brain is just too slow. What do you call 4 rabbitts hopping backward? :)

Cool and rainy here - we are actually getting some thunder which is a little unusual for us this time of year. The dogs really don't like it much. The sun is supposed to be back next week and I sure hope the weatherman is right. This is always the time of year I wish I had a greenhouse. I am anxious to start planting tomatoes etc. and it is still too early. We used to plant all kinds of vegetables, but the farmers' markets have such good produce that we only do tomatoes, some peppers, and herbs - also Walla Walla onions when I can find them. Any gardeners out there - what do you like to plant?

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Hi Diane! We have started our garden with a few things so far. I have Garlic that I put down last fall and we just put down Onions and Cucumbers. Next week weather permitting the Corn and Tomatoes will go in. We bought a tiller last year to pull behind the tractor so that helps a lot. With my broken ankle still healing I wasn't able to help much and Russ did most all of the work. I just sat in the chair and watched! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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