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High dose Vitamin C for Lung cancer


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My father was diagnosed 2 months ago with non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV, with metastasis in the bones (spine and pelvis) and probably the liver. He has done palliative radiotherapy and will start chemotherapy very soon (delayed chemo because he broke his femur). He’s 67.

I’ve been researching furiously on complementary therapies so that he can live as long as possible. The principal complementary therapy he’s doing is based on high dose vitamin C (as advised by Dr. Steve Hickey, PhD). My biggest problem is knowing the compatibility of other supplements with this approach as not to negate its effects. Maybe some of you can help me in this.

High doses of Vitamin C are oxidative to cancer cells producing Hydrogen Peroxide that kills them. Some supplements can also be taken that enhance this effect, like vitamin K3, selenium and alpha lipoic acid. Other supplements that counteract this effect should be avoided (IP6, maybe melatonin and other antioxidants).

He’s currently taking:

- 8 x 1g of ascorbic acid

- 3 x 5g liposomal sodium ascorbate

- 3 x 667mg ascorbic acid + 6.5mg Vitamin K3

- 3 x 200ug Methylselenocysteine

- 2 x 2200 IU vitamin D3

- 3 X 100mg Magnesium

- 3 x Omega-3 (120mg DHA, 180mg EPA)

- 3 x Garlic capsule

- 2 X Borrage oil capsule

- 5mg melatonin at night

- 3 x Lobelia capsule

- 3 x Cat’s Claw extract

- 3 x Astragalus extract

- 2 x Milk Thistle extract

- 3 x Green Tea extract (EGCG)

Alpha lipoic acid, mushrooms, copper gluconate, more selenium and more magnesium will be added soon.

My father cut Omega-6 and increased Omega-3 foods. Only uses virgin olive oil and organic butter, Integral carbohydrates, very little organic red meats, organic chicken, many vegetables, xylitol instead of sugar.

I’ll appreciate comments and suggestions, especially regarding the compatibility of supplements with the high dose vitamin C therapy.

Other supplements I’ve been considering are graviola, quercetin, laminaria algae, ipriflavone, oregano oil, grape seed extract, clove extract, pomegranade extract and fucoidan.

Information on how to deal with the bone metastasis are also welcome. I’m considering strontium, Ipriflavone and bone complex capsules (with boron).

Thank you so much.


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