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Any advice for my mom?


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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and really hoping someone might be able to offer some advice and positivity.

My mom has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma with neuroendocrine features. She also has a KRAS mutation. The cancer is in her lung and also metastasized to the brain. It took several months to come to this diagnosis, as they originally thought she had breast cancer and the diagnosis changed about 6 times. She has had no symptoms except for the current problems described below.

One month ago, she had Gamma Knife radiation for the brain mets (7 mets) and the mets responded well, however, two new mets have appeared now. She is scheduled to start chemo this week - carboplatin and alimta - but that now might be delayed because she has a partial obstruction in her small bowel and fluid in her abdomen. She has been having terrible stomach pains, etc. The docs have her on a clear liquid diet only and are hoping that will clear the obstruction, but hospitalization (NG tube and/or surgery) is possible.

For those of you who have already gone through this -- do you have any other suggestions or advice for treatment or anything else for my mom? She is really healthy aside from this and we just can't believe it is all happening. We are so scared and upset because she has been so healthy and we seem to keep getting bad news.

The docs have said that her condition is treatable but not curable. They keep saying there is hope; would they tell us if they thought my mom didn't have much time?

Any help is most appreciated. My mom is my best friend and I can't lose her, so I'm trying every avenue I can for research and to gain information.

Thanks very much.

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Hi Sweetie

I'm a new moderator for this forum.

It's obvious you are very dedicated to caring for your Mom....a labor of love.

I saw she is KRAS positive. Has your care team explored possible protocol

therapy? I'm aware of some information coming out of the current American Society

of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting about KRAS positive NSCLC. Your mother's

Oncologist would be a source of info on this and whether or not she might be able to qualify

If/when she recovers from her obstruction.

I wish you and your Mom the best.


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